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  1. Women in Ministry

    Shannon Smythe

    Cascade / APR 2015

    Does Scripture exclude women from full participation in all forms of Christian ministry simply on the basis of gender? What insights can the church’s “rule of faith,” theology,... read more »
  2. Women and Worship at Corinth

    Lucy Peppiatt

    Cascade / MAR 2015

    Making sense of Paul's arguments in 1 Corinthians 11-14 regarding both the role of women in public worship and the value of tongues and prophecy for the unbeliever has long posed challenges for any... read more »
  3. Womanist Sass and Talk Back

    Mitzi J. Smith

    Cascade / JAN 2018

    Womanist Sass and Talk Back is a contextual resistance text for readers interested in social (in)justice. Smith raises our consciousness about pressing contemporary social (in)justice issues... read more »
  4. Wisdom and Spiritual Transcendence at Corinth

    Richard A. Horsley

    Cascade / JAN 2008

    Examining each of the major sections of 1 Corinthians, Horsley probes the disagreement Paul had with those claiming special spiritual status. The conflicts over what constitute wisdom, knowledge,... read more »
  5. Where Is the Promise of His Coming?

    David L. Mathewson

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    The New Testament contains numerous statements by Jesus and New Testament authors that seem to suggest that Jesus was coming back soon, in their lifetime! But two thousand years later here we still... read more »
  6. What Can Love Hope For?

    William Loader

    Cascade / OCT 2020

    This book raises thorny questions about the themes of faith, hope, and love. Is God really like Jesus or was Jesus a temporary exception to the way God usually is? Was there forgiveness before the... read more »
  7. Was the Birth of Jesus According to Scripture?

    Steve Moyise

    Cascade / JUN 2013

    Each Christmas, the birth of Jesus is celebrated through carols, Bible readings, and nativity plays. The angelic announcements to Mary and Elizabeth, Jesus' birth in a manger, and the gifts of... read more »
  8. Walking in Their Sandals

    Markus Cromhout

    Cascade / JUN 2010

    This volume invites readers to walk in Israelite sandals, that is, to take a journey of the imagination, and to immerse themselves in the identity, values, and institutions of first-century CE... read more »
  9. Walking in the Prophetic Tradition

    Jason A. Bembry

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    Contrary to popular belief, the biblical prophets do far more than predict the future. They speak truth to power, they tell the truth about the uncomfortable past, they indict empty religiosity,... read more »
  10. Virus as a Summons to Faith

    Walter Brueggemann

    Cascade / APR 2020

    Why bother with the interpretive categories of biblical faith when in fact our energy and interest are focused on more immediate matters? The answer is simple and obvious. We linger because, in the... read more »

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