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  1. Bedtime Prayers for Children

    Tsahai Gomwalk Jacobsen

    Resource / FEB 2020

    This prayer book is intended to build up your child’s prayer life in a fun and relatable way. The rhyming and conversational tone of each prayer, accompanied by a colorful and fitting image,... read more »
  2. A Journey to Bong Mines

    Murphy V. S. Anderson

    Resource / JAN 2020

    A Journey to Bong Mines: Home Is a Place Best Known to You is a thought-provoking, non-factional, and easy-to-read masterpiece which reveals the undeniable struggles of four brothers who... read more »
  3. The Book of Judith

    Wendi Bernau

    Resource / JAN 2020

    The Book of Judith is an epic tale of faith and strength in the face of certain doom. Drawing upon deceit and trickery as an act of service, this unlikely hero saves her people from... read more »
  4. 7 Key Qualities of Effective Teachers

    Robin Brian Cox

    Resource / JAN 2020

    7 Key Qualities of Effective Teachers: Encouragement for Christian Educators aims to encourage and inspire Christian teachers in their critically important role as transformative educators... read more »
  5. Inquiry into Philosophical and Religious Issues

    Rosemary Laoulach

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2019

  6. Writing That Makes Sense, 2nd Edition

    David S. Hogsette

    Resource / NOV 2019

    The second edition of Writing That Makes Sense takes students through the fundamentals of the writing process and explores the basic steps of critical thinking. Drawing upon over twenty... read more »
  7. Una base para la filosofia y la educacion / A Primer for Philosophy and Education

    Samuel D. Rocha

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    Este libro ofrece un currículum para una enseñanza introductoria a la filosofía de la educación. Situado en las humanidades, las reflexiones y ejercicios aquí... read more »
  8. Celebrating The 12 Days of Christmas

    Chris Marchand

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2019

    The song “The 12 Days of Christmas” is a mainstay of the holiday season, but the practice of celebrating Christmas as a twelve-day festival fell out of fashion long ago in most... read more »
  9. The Generative Church

    Cory Seibel

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2019

    Virtually all churches aim to invest meaningfully in the faith development of the younger generations who have been entrusted into their care. Some churches have a longstanding track record of... read more »
  10. Where Wisdom May Be Found

    Edward P. Meadors

    Pickwick / AUG 2019

    All Christian colleges and universities hail the integration of faith and learning as a premier mission objective. There is less agreement as to what the integration of faith and learning should... read more »

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