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  1. Unleashing the Work of God

    W. Joseph Stallings

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2019

    Are we Methodists ready for the work of God to be unleashed? Are we ready for Methodism to be the catalyst of yet another New Pentecost? God has decisively acted in Christ, and Christ says,... read more »
  2. It's a Continuum

    Leo Emmanuel Lochard

    Resource / NOV 2019

    By the grace of God, every human being, at the proper time—that is, “in God's timing”—can become a Christian, irrespective of ethnicity, race, or gender (male or... read more »
  3. Offer Yourselves to God

    Gordon D. Fee, Jeffrey P. Greenman

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    Renowned New Testament scholar Gordon Fee explores the meaning of Christian witness and service in every area of life. Focusing on the implications of every Christian’s calling to belong to... read more »
  4. The Prisoner's Cross

    Peter B. Unger

    Resource / OCT 2019

    The saving grace of God in Christ as a liberating experience of faith lies at the heart of The Prisoner’s Cross. The message is timeless and has its source in Jesus’s ministry... read more »
  5. Holy Spirit Power

    Penny Webster

    Resource / OCT 2019

    Supernatural encounters are for everyone! God still speaks to his children today. Encounters can include visions, dreams, or a personal encounter, seeing Jesus himself. Each encounter brings... read more »
  6. My Burden Is Light

    Sue Magrath

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    Being a clergyperson can be stressful—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. From pressure to grow their congregations to unrealistic expectations from church... read more »
  7. Amazing Moments to Remember

    Beth Josi

    Resource / SEP 2019

    The purpose of this book is to share twenty-one personal stories from the life of Beth Josi. These stories are inspirational and entertaining to read. In each story, Beth describes in detail how... read more »
  8. Beyond the Fish Sticker

    Benjamin Swift

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2019

    There is a growing need that exists in many Christian circles for a deeper, more mature understanding of what it means to be a Christian; one who truly seeks to follow Christ. Beyond the Fish... read more »
  9. Living Well in the Presence of God

    James Harlow Brown

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2019

    Living Well gives you a fresh perspective on Christian spirituality in the twenty-first century – and a practical guide to deepening your relationship with God. Why is encountering God... read more »
  10. Be Still and Know

    Jenni Ho-Huan

    Resource / SEP 2019

    City living is busy, stressful, and noisy. It generates a lifestyle of haste with an addiction to quick fixes. It feels impossible to find quiet, to rest, and to think deeply.

    Our longing... read more »

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