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  1. Thicker Than Mud (PRE-ORDER—available October 1, 2019)

    / OCT 2019

    Adam Drascher, a Jewish archaeology professor at a small Jesuit college in the Bronx, is at a standstill: Adam is in love with his former mentor, though he knows that relationship has no... read more »
  2. Little Love (PreOrder--Available September 1, 2019)

    / SEP 2019

    “There once was a girl with a hole in her heart.

    Little Love was her name, where was she to start?

    It was not of her doing. She was not to blame.

    But the hole in... read more »
  3. May She Have a Word with You?

    S T Kimbrough, Jr.

    Yes / AUG 2019

    Perhaps Charles Wesley’s two volumes of Funeral Hymns (1746 and 1759), plus a few poems left in manuscript form, are the least known of his poetical corpus. They are a treasury,... read more »
  4. Jack's Passion

    Bill Kinsella

    Yes / AUG 2019

    Had he been heir to a throne, Jack Conroy could not have felt the weight of expectation more. He’ll go to Wall Street just as his father did, but two things complicate the family plan.... read more »
  5. A Christian America Restored

    Robert Glenn Slater

    Yes / AUG 2019

    Protestant evangelical Christian schools are the fastest-growing segment of American private school education. Despite their notable individual autonomy, these schools have retained a consistent... read more »
  6. The Free System Corollary

    Peter J. Morgan

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2019

    Everyone has experienced pain. No one is immune from loss and suffering. With all of the evil in this world, how can anyone rationally believe in a good and loving God? People who believe in God... read more »
  7. Existential Togetherness

    DeWayne R. Stallworth

    Yes / AUG 2019

    The notion of community entails more than just shared space in the here-and-now moment. For African Americans especially, communal engagement is a sacred experience that stretches from the mundane... read more »
  8. Laughter and the Grace of God

    Brian Edgar

    Yes / AUG 2019

    Laughter is important because we cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh, and this is true of our relationship with God. Having a sense of humor is essential for maturity in faith and... read more »
  9. A Church of Islam

    Shaun O'Neill

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2019

    In the final decades of the last millennium, a Jesuit from Italy came across the ruins of an abandoned monastery in the Syrian Desert. It was to be the start of a forward-thinking Catholic... read more »
  10. An Undoing

    Matthew Hansen

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2019

    We’ve all been through events in which we feel, at least in the moment, that there is no coming back. Maybe it was a severe break-up; a fall from grace as a leader; an occupational dream... read more »

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