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  1. Homiletical Theology

    David Schnasa Jacobsen

    Cascade / FEB 2015

    Karl Barth famously argued that all theology is sermon preparation. But what if all sermon preparation is actually theology? This book pursues a thoroughgoing theological vision for the practice of... read more »
  2. Homiletical Theology in Action

    David Schnasa Jacobsen

    Cascade / NOV 2015

    Homiletics is taking a theological turn. But what does the preaching task look like if we think of it not so much as a mastery of technique, but an exercise in theological method? Homiletical... read more »
  3. Theologies of the Gospel in Context

    David Schnasa Jacobsen

    Cascade / AUG 2017

    Many preachers and teachers of preaching talk about the gospel; few name it. Theologies of the Gospel in Context assembles a gifted group of homileticians who think that preachers need to be... read more »
  4. Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promise

    David Schnasa Jacobsen

    Cascade / APR 2018

    Promise has a long pedigree in the history of Christian understandings of the gospel. This volume gathers together leading homileticians to consider the breadth of its understanding today in light... read more »

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