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  1. A Marginal Scribe

    Dennis C. Duling

    Cascade / NOV 2011

    A Marginal Scribe collects eight studies written over a period of two decades, all of which use social-scientific criticism to interpret the Gospel of Matthew. It prefaces them, first, with a new... read more »
  2. Early Christian Care for the Poor

    K.C. Richardson

    Cascade / AUG 2018

    Beginning with Jesus’s ministry in the villages of Galilee and continuing over the course of the first three centuries as the movement expanded geographically and numerically throughout the... read more »
  3. Gathered around Jesus

    Eric C. Stewart

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    Modern theorists are virtually united in understanding that space encodes social practices and power relations. Those who control space exert their control by means of particular spatial practices.... read more »
  4. Handbook of Biblical Social Values, Third Edition

    John J. Pilch, Bruce Malina

    Cascade / NOV 2016

    Values are culturally specific. This handbook explains select biblical social values in their Mediterranean cultural contexts. Some examples of values are altruism, freedom, family-centeredness,... read more »
  5. Jesus and Identity

    Markus Cromhout

    Cascade / MAY 2007

    New Testament scholarship lacks an overall interpretive framework to understand Judean identity. This lack of interpretive framework is quite acute in scholarship on the historical Jesus, where the... read more »
  6. Jesus and Marginal Women

    Stuart L. Love

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    The Gospel of Matthew recounts several interactions between Jesus and "marginal" women. The urban, relatively wealthy community to which Matthew writes faces issues relating to a number of internal... read more »
  7. Jesus and the Peasants

    Douglas E. Oakman

    Cascade / JAN 2008

    While some of the chapters focus on systemic issues, others probe the depths of individual Gospel passages. The author's keen eye for textual detail, archaeological data, comparative materials, and... read more »
  8. Ritual, Women, and Philippi

    Jason T. Lamoreaux

    Cascade / OCT 2013

    As one surveys the scholarship on the canonical letter to the Philippians, one notices the lack of attention to women within many scholars' analyses. To a certain extent, this lack of attention... read more »
  9. The Life of a Galilean Shaman

    Pieter F. Craffert

    Cascade / JAN 2008

    Historical Jesus research remains trapped in the positivistic historiographical framework from which it emerged more than a hundred and fifty years ago. This is confirmed by the nested assumptions... read more »
  10. The New Testament in Cross-Cultural Perspective

    Richard L. Rohrbaugh

    Cascade / OCT 2006

    The Bible is not a Western book, and the world of the New Testament is not our world. The New Testament world was preindustrial, Mediterranean, and populated mostly by nonliterate peasants who... read more »

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