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  1. Write That They May Read

    Daniel I. Block, David C. Deuel, et al.…

    Pickwick / JUL 2020

    Write That They May Read is a collection of essays written in honor of our mentor, friend, and fellow scholar, Professor Alan R. Millard. Respectful of his contribution to our understanding... read more »
  2. The Gospel according to Mark

    Camille Focant

    Pickwick / JUL 2012

    The world to which the Gospel of Mark introduces its reader is a world of conflicts and suspense, enigmas and secrets, questions and overturning of evidence, irony and surprise. Its principal... read more »
  3. Text, Image, and Christians in the Graeco-Roman World

    Aliou Cisse Niang, Carolyn Osiek

    Pickwick / NOV 2011

    Twenty-four scholars join their efforts to congratulate David Lee Balch for a long career of dedication to scholarship and teaching. Topics range from the life of early Christian house churches to... read more »
  4. Surrounded by Bitterness

    Philip D. King

    Pickwick / JAN 2012

    How did the ancient Hebrew writers understand their emotional experiences of being in distress? Were their feelings similar to those of an English speaker who feels down, or were there other... read more »
  5. Revelation

    Gerald L. Stevens

    Pickwick / MAY 2014

    This three-part study covers the history of interpretation, theological foundations, and exegesis. Copious illustrations from the author's worldwide travels enhance discussion of Rome's emperors,... read more »
  6. Pillars in the History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 2

    Stanley E. Porter, Sean A. Adams

    Pickwick / NOV 2016

    This two-volume set is part of a growing body of literature concerned with the history of biblical interpretation. The ample introduction first situates key players in the story of the development... read more »
  7. Perspectives of Jesus in the Writings of Paul

    Gerry Schoberg

    Pickwick / APR 2013

    Was Paul shaped by the movement that began with the teaching and activities of Jesus, or did he start something new? Attempts to answer this question one way or the other have a long history dating... read more »
  8. Mark for the Nations

    Lars Hartman

    Pickwick / JUN 2010

    Mark for the Nations is a translation by the author of his Swedish commentary on the Gospel of Mark. It is meant both for students of theology and for pastors, as well as for lay people. Hartman... read more »
  9. Jesus and the Stigmatized

    Elia Shabani Mligo

    Pickwick / AUG 2011

    Biblical scholars often read the Bible with their own interpretive interests in mind, without associating the Bible with the concerns of laypeople. This largely undermines the contributions... read more »
  10. Ezekiel in Context

    Brian Neil Peterson

    Pickwick / MAY 2012

    One of the most perplexing and misunderstood books of the Bible, Ezekiel has left many scholars and exegetes scratching their heads regarding its message, coherency, and interpretation. Brian... read more »

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