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  1. Romans

    Craig S. Keener

    Cascade / SEP 2009

    A helpfully concise commentary on Paul's letter to the early Christians in Rome, which the Apostle wrote just a few years before the outbreak of Nero's persecution. Keener examines each paragraph... read more »
  2. Revelation

    Gordon D. Fee

    Cascade / NOV 2010

    Revelation is a book that many Christians find confusing due to the foreign nature of its apocalyptic imagery. It is a book that has prompted endless discussions about the "end times" with... read more »
  3. Mark

    Kim Huat Tan

    Cascade / SEP 2015

    Believing that the needs of beleaguered Christian communities in turbulent times would be best met by resourcing the life of Jesus, Mark wrote a Gospel that was at once plain and subtle, fast-paced... read more »
  4. Luke

    Diane G. Chen

    Cascade / AUG 2017

    In this highly readable and engaging commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Diane Chen introduces her readers to the particularities of the world of Jesus, steeped in Jewish history and convictions yet... read more »
  5. Jude and 2 Peter

    Andrew M. Mbuvi

    Cascade / OCT 2015

    While there are many commentaries written today, most have been products of Euro-American scholars who have sought to address questions and concerns of the western church. The New Covenant... read more »
  6. John

    Jey J. Kanagaraj

    Cascade / JAN 2013

    In this commentary Kanagaraj examines how John projects the church as God's "new covenant community," which, is characterized by two virtues: love and obedience. Impossible to exhibit under the old... read more »
  7. Acts, Part One

    Youngmo Cho, Hyung Dae Park

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    This book is one of the many commentaries on the book of Acts. In other words, it does not deal with a unique topic but one that borders on banality, yet of utmost importance. Without doubt, it... read more »
  8. 1 Corinthians

    B. J. Oropeza

    Cascade / OCT 2017

    This compact commentary on 1 Corinthians is both readable and full of insights that will engage students, ministers, and scholars alike. The Apostle Paul writes to a relatively new church in which... read more »

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