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  1. A Companion to the Book of Revelation

    David L. Mathewson

    Cascade / MAR 2020

    This book is meant to be a companion and guide through what many deem to be the most perplexing book of the New Testament. As such, it introduces the reader to the kind of literature Revelation is,... read more »
  2. A Complicated Love Story

    V. George Shillington

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    The Fourth Gospel, otherwise known as the gospel of the beloved disciple of Jesus, has captivated the imagination of myriads of people worldwide. Echoing one of its major themes, namely water, this... read more »
  3. A Lifetime in the Church and the University

    Anthony C. Thiselton

    Cascade / DEC 2014

    "These recollections of a life-time in the Church and in different universities give rise to a diverse series of anecdotes, which provide, first, some entertaining humor, second, a glimpse into... read more »
  4. A Marginal Scribe

    Dennis C. Duling

    Cascade / NOV 2011

    A Marginal Scribe collects eight studies written over a period of two decades, all of which use social-scientific criticism to interpret the Gospel of Matthew. It prefaces them, first, with a new... read more »
  5. A Monastic Introduction to Sacred Scripture

    Thomas Merton, Patrick F. O'Connell

    Cascade / AUG 2020

    Among the numerous sets of conferences that Thomas Merton presented to young prospective monks during his decade (1955–1965) as novice master at the Cistercian Abbey of Gethsemani is a... read more »
  6. A Pathway of Interpretation

    Walter Brueggemann

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    Writing with the pastor and student in mind, Walter Brueggemann provides guidance for interpreting Old Testament texts. He offers both advice for the interpreter as well as examples of working with... read more »
  7. A Smaller God

    Petri Merenlahti

    Cascade / DEC 2014

    The Bible is a perplexing book. It blends primitive beliefs with timeless truths, swings between compassionate love and ruthless violence, and forms a sympathetic heavenly father from the remains... read more »
  8. A Theological Approach to the Old Testament

    Leslie Tonkin Allen

    Cascade / SEP 2014

    The Old Testament has two great themes: creation and covenant. They embrace subthemes: wisdom in the case of creation; Israel's religion and the Davidic covenant under the general umbrella of... read more »
  9. A Theological Introduction to Paul's Letters

    Yung Suk Kim

    Cascade / JUN 2011

    In this study Kim explores a new way of reading Paul's letters and understanding his theology with a focus on three aspects of Paul's gospel: "the righteousness of God," "faith of Christ," and "the... read more »
  10. A Transformative Reading of the Bible

    Yung Suk Kim

    Cascade / APR 2013

    In A Transformative Reading of the Bible Yung Suk Kim raises critical questions about human transformation in biblical studies. What is transformation? How are we transformed when we read... read more »

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