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  1. Christ's Miracles in Poems

    Ronald E. Hignite

    Resource / JUN 2014

    Christ's Miracles in Poems will inspire its readers through a greater understanding of Christ's miracles as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible. These poems in rhyme reflect the... read more »
  2. Christ's Prisoner

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / NOV 2011

    Paul proclaimed he was in prison because he was Christ's prisoner. Why? Because he proclaimed the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ uncompromisingly without fear of retribution. He served the living... read more »
  3. Christian Philanthropy

    Paul S. Jeon

    Resource / MAY 2019

    We tend to associate philanthropy with figures like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Phil Knight. We forget, however, that God is the first and ultimate philanthropist (Titus 3:4). He has shown his... read more »
  4. Christianese 101

    David S. Smith

    Resource / MAY 2018

    The lexicon of the church is confusing to those who are not a part of the culture. Given the great commission and our call to “make disciples” (Matt 28), I have thought a lot about how... read more »
  5. Colossians

    Vika Pechersky

    Resource / MAY 2019

    Colossians: The Gospel, the Church, and the New Humanity in Christ is a Bible study guide that offers serious treatment of Paul’s letter for believers who seek a wider understanding of... read more »
  6. Conditional Futurism

    James Goetz

    Resource / JAN 2012

    Conditional Futurism introduces a new perspective of end-time theology (eschatology). The book holds to Christian futurism while integrating the Apocalypse of John with the conditional... read more »
  7. Count God In

    Loren F. Bliese

    Resource / MAR 2018

    This study of Song of Songs uncovers many patterns related to the numerical value twenty-six and related numbers for the divine name YHWH. Patterns are so unique that they clearly show authorial... read more »
  8. Dismantling Injustice

    April Love-Fordham

    Resource / MAY 2016

    The world needs leaders who are prepared to dismantle injustice.
    Through the story told in the Song of Solomon, you will learn to use the one tool that heals both victim and oppressor: God's... read more »
  9. Ephesians and All that Jazz

    Tom Anderson

    Resource / JUL 2020

    You will never read Ephesians the same way again. You will discover a God you could never have imagined and a you imagined before the worlds began. And you will also identify with Paul in a new way.

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