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  1. Exodus for Ordinary People

    Paul Poulton

    Resource / AUG 2016

    The book of Exodus is sometimes viewed with skepticism--but it need not be. The stories it contains record a turning point in history where God begins to relate to human beings in a new way, and a... read more »
  2. Exploring the New Exodus in John

    Paul S. Coxon

    Resource / MAR 2015

    The theme of the New Exodus (NE) in John's Gospel has been largely unexplored in recent scholarship. Now, however, by careful intertextual exegesis of John 5-10, Paul Coxon has compellingly argued... read more »
  3. Exploring the Old Testament in the New

    Peter R. Rodgers

    Resource / NOV 2012

    There are many books on the use of the Old Testament in the New. This one takes a practical approach to the subject, inviting the reader to explore the relationship between the two testaments in... read more »
  4. Exposing Universalism

    James B. De Young

    Resource / MAR 2018

    In recent decades universal reconciliation (UR) has sharpened its attack on evangelical faith. By their fiction and nonfiction, and by film (The Shack), universalists such as Paul Young,... read more »
  5. Faithlore

    John Fulling Crosby

    Resource / JUN 2018

    Crosby claims that much of the Bible is myth. Since some myth may be true, the next step is to label that part of myth adjudged to be untrue, such as folklore. But myth and folklore are not... read more »
  6. Familiar "Leadership" Heresies Uncovered

    Bruce C.E. Fleming

    Resource / JAN 2005

    Ever think some passages are impossible to
    understand? Think Again! Bruce C. E. Fleming
    has uncovered familiar "leadership" heresies
    through careful study of the Genesis passage on... read more »
  7. Fifteen Ps for Every Minister

    Ehis Agboga

    Resource / MAR 2010

    Wondering about what you need to know before entering into ministry?

    Bothered about what the call of God entails?

    Or do you desire an evaluation of your life and work as a... read more »
  8. Flirting with Universalism

    Dennis Jensen

    Resource / MAY 2014

    It's likely the most difficult problem in the Christian faith. It was a major reason that Bertrand Russell, John Stuart Mill, and countless others rejected Christianity. It was an ax that began to... read more »
  9. Following Christ

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / JUN 2012

    The latter half of Chapter 4 of Paul's letter to the Ephesians is the watershed of this magnificent document that is often referred to as the "holy of holies." Paul was never hesitant to declare... read more »
  10. Four Gospels, One Christ

    Michael John Hooton

    Resource / JUN 2016

    The four Gospels are the only books in the Bible to tell the same story from four different angles. Together, they show us not only what Jesus was like and how he lived, but how his life can become... read more »

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