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  1. From Orality to Orality

    James A. Maxey, David Rhoads

    Cascade / SEP 2009

    In this groundbreaking work, Bible translation is presented as an expression of contextualization that explores the neglected riches of the verbal arts in the New Testament. Going beyond a... read more »
  2. From Text to Performance

    Kelly R. Iverson

    Cascade / OCT 2014

    For the last two centuries biblical interpretation has been guided by perspectives that have largely ignored the oral context in which the gospels took shape. Only recently have scholars begun to... read more »
  3. Memory, Memorization, and Memorizers

    Marcel Jousse, Edgard Sienaert

    Cascade / JUL 2018

    This book is about the spoken word. It is about words spoken in the first century of our era and later put down in writing as confirmation of what had been said and done. Here, Marcel Jousse... read more »
  4. Oral and Manuscript Culture in the Bible

    J. A. Loubser

    Cascade / JAN 2013

    Oral and Manuscript Culture in the Bible is the fruit of Professor Loubser's confrontation with how Scripture is read, understood, and used in the Third World situation, which is closer than... read more »
  5. Orality and Literacy in Early Christianity

    Pieter Botha, David Rhoads

    Cascade / NOV 2012

    The history of the Jesus movement and earliest Christianity requires careful attention to the characteristics and peculiarities of oral and literate traditions. Understanding the distinctive... read more »
  6. Performance Criticism of the Pauline Letters

    Bernhard Oestreich

    Cascade / OCT 2016

    Receiving a letter from Paul was a major event in the early churches. Given the orally oriented culture of the time, a letter was designed to be read out loud in front of an audience. The document... read more »
  7. Sound Matters

    Margaret E. Lee

    Cascade / NOV 2018

    Sound matters. The New Testament’s first audiences were listeners, not readers. They heard its compositions read aloud and understood their messages as linear streams of sound. To understand... read more »
  8. Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing

    Richard A. Horsley

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    Embedded in modern print culture, biblical scholars have been projecting the assumptions and concepts of print culture onto the texts they interpret. In the ancient world from which those texts... read more »
  9. The Bible in Ancient and Modern Media

    Holly Hearon, Philip Ruge-Jones, et al.…

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    This cutting-edge volume has been brought together in honor of Thomas Boomershine, author, scholar, storyteller, innovator. The particular occasion inviting this recognition of his work is the... read more »
  10. The Case for Mark Composed in Performance

    Antoinette Wire, David Rhoads

    Cascade / JAN 2011

    Is it possible to make a case that the Gospel of Mark was not composed by a single man from scattered accounts but in a process of people's telling Jesus' story over several decades? And what can... read more »

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