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  1. "All Authority Has Been Given To Me"

    Tim Lehman

    Resource / NOV 2019

    For much of Christian history, greater focus has been paid to Jesus’ death than to his three years of ministry, and his crucifixion has often been understood primarily as a means to salvation... read more »
  2. 1 Peter

    Peter R. Rodgers

    Resource / SEP 2017

    This book is a different kind of commentary. Rather than being the work of one or two individual scholars, it is the result of the collaboration of twenty-one contributors, and others who assisted... read more »
  3. 200 Devotionals from the Hebrew Bible

    Helene M. Dallaire

    Resource / MAY 2020

    Readers of this volume—200 Devotionals from the Hebrew Bible—will find nuggets of wisdom in short devotionals written by the author and her students. Each devotional includes (1) one or... read more »
  4. A Book of Evidence

    Nancy L. Kuehl

    Resource / MAR 2013

    Jesus was a Jew, living in a Jewish culture and under Jewish laws, laws that governed the people of Israel at a time of conflict with their Roman overlords. A Book of Evidence takes into... read more »
  5. A Primer on the Book of Revelation

    Ted Noel, Ed Christian

    Resource / JAN 2010

    "Revelation is sooo complicated!"

    Wait a minute! If a Jewish fisherman understood what his Rabbi showed him, then it shouldn't be hard for us, either. We just need his tools. Fortunately,... read more »
  6. A Treasury of Illustrations and Quotations from Walking With Jesus

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / JUN 2015

    The Apostle Paul, in exercising his ineffable wisdom, draws this magnificent letter to a close in an extraordinary manner. Certainly, he could have concluded it after telling the masters and... read more »
  7. Angling Admonitions

    Barry Blackstone

    Resource / JUN 2020

    Contained in this book are one hundred and fifty “fish tales” from fifty years of fishing, shared by an avid fisherman who has also spent the last fifty years fishing for men as a... read more »
  8. Believing is Seeing

    Bruce McNab

    Resource / AUG 2016

    "What are you looking for?" These are Jesus's first words in John's Gospel, and he asks us the same question when we decide to follow him. We read John's Gospel because it helps us get closer to... read more »
  9. Beyond Christian Folk Religion

    Edward A. Beckstrom

    Resource / MAR 2013

    As the Christian church moved from its inception in an Eastern/Oriental culture westward across Asia Minor (Turkey) into Greco-Roman culture with primarily a Western philosophy, theology, and... read more »
  10. Bible Interpretation and the African Culture

    David J. Ndegwah

    Resource / JAN 2020

    This book can be summarized in one sentence: that culture plays a determinant role in the way people perceive, interpret, and, therefore, respond to reality around them—ideas, events, people,... read more »

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