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  1. A Common Mission

    David Wesley

    Resource / AUG 2014

    The term Ubuntu articulates an African understanding of our need to connect to one another in order to be complete. Likewise, A Common Mission offers a description of churches that connect... read more »
  2. A Witness

    Renee Splichal Larson, Jennifer Agee

    Resource / MAR 2016

    The 2010 earthquake in Haiti buried Renee Splichal Larson in concrete rubble, killing her husband and leaving her a widow at age 27. Surviving only to be overwhelmed by loss and trauma, she... read more »
  3. Already Missional

    Bradley T. Morrison

    Resource / JAN 2016

    Your congregation is teeming with people already doing community ministry. They just don't know it yet. This book knocks down the church walls that keep parishioner ministry hidden from... read more »
  4. By Scalpel and Cross

    Donald R. Fletcher

    Resource / AUG 2016

    By Scalpel and Cross: A Missionary Doctor in Old Korea is the story of a Presbyterian medical missionary told against the background of Korea in the first half of the twentieth century,... read more »
  5. Cultivating Neighborhood

    Bryan K. Langlands

    Resource / AUG 2014

    Why have so many churches started community gardens over the past decade? Are they simply a fad? Or do community gardens somehow connect more deeply with the mission of the churches that launch... read more »
  6. Gift and Duty

    Paul H. De Neui

    Resource / DEC 2017

    Is the Christian concept of grace anathema to the social structure of merit-making found in Buddhist karmic communities? Are all Buddhist forms of merit-making purely for religious purposes to... read more »
  7. Grace

    Grace Roys, Harvey Roys, et al.…

    Resource / APR 2017

    Grace Woodbridge Roys suffered from bi-polar disease before it was well understood. Her daughter feared that her children would also suffer mental illness. This annotation of Grace's diary opens... read more »
  8. Light from the Dreaming Spires

    Kenneth J. Barnes

    Resource / SEP 2017

    Just as “generals are always fighting the last war" my experience as a chaplain at Oxford University has taught me that the church often “speaks to the last generation.”read more »
  9. No King but God

    Michael Manning

    Resource / SEP 2015

    Can faith be an idol? Can the state grant freedom? What about wealth? No King but God takes up the revolutionary cry found on the lips of Jesus and his contemporaries in the first century to... read more »
  10. Our Trees of Life

    Christine Graef

    Resource / NOV 2015

    God's word begins with the tree of life and the tree of knowledge watered by a river nourishing Eden. As it ends with the image of a tree by a river appearing in heaven, the redeemed who have stood... read more »

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