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  1. Time to Fall

    Austin C. Beal

    Resource / AUG 2020

    Charlie, a young and rather unassuming hospital valet, is about his work when he meets an old and enigmatic professor caught up in the affairs of other worlds. Charlie befriends the old man, Bruce,... read more »
  2. Throw

    Ruben Degollado

    Slant / FEB 2019

    “Llorona was no harmless little pigeon. She was the lechuza, the owl you see just before someone is about to die, the one that haunts you in your dreams and you never want to see in real... read more »
  3. This Footstool Earth

    John Zeugner

    Resource / SEP 2018

    In This Footstool Earth, the final volume of The Japan Quartet, loose ends knit, recurring characters unspool or coil anew, and, as memories of atrocity thin, fiction’s tissue... read more »
  4. Thicker Than Mud

    Jason Z. Morris

    Resource / OCT 2019

    Adam Drascher, a Jewish archaeology professor at a small Jesuit college in the Bronx, is at a standstill: Adam is in love with his former mentor, though he knows that relationship has no... read more »
  5. The Winter Fae

    Mark Worthing

    Stone Table Books / JAN 2019

    When eighty-seven year old Floyd Willis walked into the Great Wood that winter, he did not know what he would find.

    They said he had dementia, and that he could no longer live on his own.... read more »
  6. The Whole Picture

    Donald McCullough

    Resource / DEC 2019

    John Stanhope, a young attorney in Los Angeles, receives a letter informing him of the death of his estranged father, photographer Logan Stanhope. With it are three baffling negatives and one that... read more »
  7. The Tree Within

    Stephen Campana

    Resource / SEP 2018

    Jack and Diane. Two names joined in the common parlance by a pop song. They are also the aliases of two people whose real names—Adam and Eve—are no less joined in the common parlance,... read more »
  8. The Transformative Power of Love

    Michael H. Mitias

    Resource / FEB 2020

    This novel is a story of the transformative power of love, of how Nick Mitya, who was nourished by a patriarchal, religiously bigoted, sexually chauvinist, materialist, and hypocritical culture, is... read more »
  9. The Tale of Alathimble Spaide

    Morton Benning

    Stone Table Books / JUN 2018

    The Tale of Alathimble Spaide is a collection of fantasy tales and poems to amuse and delight. The book includes tales of wizards, gnomes, ogres, trolls, vampires and one dragon who... read more »
  10. The Stringless

    Alisha Walkerden

    Stone Table Books / DEC 2019

    In a world where people are controlled by strings, a young woman named Serie struggles against the bidding of her strings and her own desires. With the help of a mysterious friend, Tristian, Serie... read more »

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