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  1. The Signature

    Daniel R. McArthur

    Resource / FEB 2020

    Chipo moves to Harare, Zimbabwe, with big dreams for her life, and finds them shattered after becoming pregnant. Her hard-hearted father gives the baby away to a couple, Hans and Ingrid; in... read more »
  2. The Shrines of Manitoba

    R. C. Jette

    Resource / MAY 2019

    This is the story of a young widow who allows herself to become dispirited after the loss of her husband. A neighbor, Joan, had helped her when she first lost Daryl. But when Joan moved away, Anna... read more »
  3. The Seven Trumpets

    Ralph D. Curtin

    Resource / OCT 2019

    Earth is in its final days and God is displaying His wrath against everything unholy.

    Meteor showers blanket the earth. Volcanoes erupt. Famine is rampant. One third of all trees and... read more »
  4. The Seven Seals

    Ralph D. Curtin

    Resource / OCT 2019

    A sinister plot advances. But who will believe the shocking truth?

    When the Arab-bloc nations begin to encroach on the land of Israel, Israel’s Prime Minister Zeman makes a deal... read more »
  5. The Seven Bowls

    Ralph D. Curtin

    Resource / OCT 2019

    Could this be the end of humankind, as we know it?

    The entire planet is in chaos. Massive gamma-ray bursts threaten mass extinction of all animal, human, and plant life. Millions have... read more »
  6. The Second Baptism of Albert Simmel

    Rodney Clapp

    Cascade / MAY 2016

    Albert Simmel lives in the Age of the Descent. Roads and other infrastructure have fallen into utter disrepair. The petroleum supply has basically petered out. The constituents hold all political... read more »
  7. The Outside World

    Lucy Ellen Bender

    Resource / SEP 2018

    In Memory of Lucy Ellen Bender


    Lucy was born on June 11, 1942 in Grantsville, MD, and went home on August 21, 2018 in Chattanooga, TN. She was an adventurous spirit who... read more »
  8. The Name Thief of Neverland

    Dimity Knight

    Stone Table Books / JUN 2019

    When Holly finds her way as a lost child to Neverland, it is a paradise for a girl who loves adventure. But her life with the outlaws is plagued by a dark shadow: their sworn enemy, the mischievous... read more »
  9. The Lights of God

    Ralph D. Curtin

    Resource / OCT 2019

    How much would you pay to know the mind of God?

    In 31 BC, the Jewish high priest, Amariah, flees to the ancient Essene fortification at Qumran, on the shore of the Dead Sea, to avoid... read more »
  10. The Letter of Alon

    John S. Knox

    Resource / JAN 2020

    Our Faith in God Echoes Throughout Eternity . . .

    Professor William Berrit’s life is safe, comfortable, and sheltered from inconvenient convictions until he uncovers a venerated... read more »

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