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  1. Being Religious

    Mladen Turk

    Pickwick / JUL 2013

    What makes us religious? What is religion? This book presents relevant research and theoretical proposals for evolutionary theories of religion and socially and ecologically adaptive theories of... read more »
  2. Being Shaped by Freedom

    Brett James Muhlhan

    Pickwick / OCT 2012

    Did Luther get Christian freedom right? The answer to this question contains two elements:

    - What is Luther's understanding of Christian freedom?

    - How did his understanding... read more »
  3. Beyond the Contingent

    Kathleen A. Mulhern

    Pickwick / JUN 2011

    In light of the contemporary struggle between science and faith, Kathleen Mulhern's timely exploration of late nineteenth-century neo-Pascalian thought both recovers a lost perspective on the "war... read more »
  4. Builders of the Chinese Church

    G. Wright Doyle

    Pickwick / JAN 2015

    From 1807, when the first Protestant missionary arrived in China, to the 1920s, when a new phase of growth began, thousands of missionaries and Chinese Christians labored, often under very adverse... read more »
  5. CALVIN@500

    Richard R. Topping, John A. Vissers

    Pickwick / MAY 2011

    Calvin@500 is an exercise in appreciative criticism and appropriation of the Reformer's work for church and society. The collection serves as an introduction to the life and thought of this... read more »
  6. Canadian Baptist Women

    Sharon M. Bowler

    Pickwick / SEP 2016

    The stories of the women have often stayed in the shadows of Canadian Baptist history. The writers of this book have sought out neglected primary source materials to reveal the lives and work of an... read more »
  7. Canadian Churches and the First World War

    Gordon L. Heath

    Pickwick / JAN 2014

    Most accounts of Canada and the First World War either ignore or merely mention in passing the churches' experience. Such neglect does not do justice to the remarkable influence of the wartime... read more »
  8. China's Urban Christians

    Brent Fulton

    Pickwick / NOV 2015

    China's Urban Christians: A Light That Cannot Be Hidden looks at how massive urbanization is redrawing not only the geographic and social landscape of China, but in the process is... read more »
  9. Christ Exalted

    Barry H. Howson

    Pickwick / AUG 2019

    Hanserd Knollys was an important and leading figure of the early Calvinistic Baptist movement in Great Britain in the seventeenth century. His spiritual and pastoral journey began with the Church... read more »
  10. Church and World

    Simon P. Schmidt

    Pickwick / FEB 2020

    “In the world but not of it”—an expression that has been interpreted in a multitude of ways. With the publication of Rod Dreher’s much-debated book The Benedict... read more »

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