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  1. Divine Healing: The Formative Years: 1830-1890

    James Robinson

    Pickwick / APR 2011

    Divine healing is commonly practiced today throughout Christendom and plays a significant part in the advance of Christianity in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Such wide acceptance of the... read more »
  2. Divine Healing: The Holiness-Pentecostal Transition Years, 1890-1906

    James Robinson

    Pickwick / MAR 2013

    In the present volume, James Robinson shows how the Holiness movement contributed to the rise of Pentecostalism, with emphasis on those sectors that practiced divine healing. Although other... read more »
  3. Divine Healing: The Years of Expansion, 1906-1930

    James Robinson

    Pickwick / MAY 2014

    In the present volume James Robinson completes his trilogy, which deals with the history of divine healing in the period 1906-1930. The first volume is a study of the years 1830-1890, and was... read more »
  4. Early Interracial Oneness Pentecostalism

    Talmadge L. French

    Pickwick / JUL 2014

    Early Interracial Oneness Pentecostalism is a look at what is perhaps the least-known chapter in the history of American Pentecostalism. The study of the first thirty years of Oneness... read more »
  5. Earnest

    Andrew C. Koehl, David Basinger

    Pickwick / AUG 2017

    B. T. Roberts was born in a small farming community in western New York, on July 25, 1823. By the time of his death in 1893, he had made a profound impact on church and society. Roberts’s... read more »
  6. Empire from the Margins

    Gordon L. Heath

    Pickwick / NOV 2017

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were a number of smaller religious bodies that sought to develop religious and national identity on the margins—something especially difficult... read more »
  7. Eugenics and Protestant Social Reform

    Dennis Durst

    Pickwick / JUN 2017

    The eugenics movement prior to the Second World War gave voice to the desire of many social reformers to promote good births and prevent bad births. Two sources of cultural authority in this... read more »
  8. Faith. Works. Wonders.

    Fred Kammer, SJ

    Pickwick / SEP 2009

    Written in preparation for the 2010 centennial of the national organization Catholic Charities USA, Faith. Works. Wonders. introduces the mission, scope, and impact of Catholic Charities agencies... read more »
  9. Frederic Henry Hedge

    Bryan F. LeBeau

    Pickwick / JAN 1985

  10. Freedom or Order?

    Bryan D. Spinks, Dikran Hadidian

    Pickwick / JAN 1984

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