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  1. The Stones Will Cry Out

    Francisco F Claver

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2020

  2. The Social Application of Religion

    Charles Stelzle, Jane Addams, et al.…

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2008

  3. The Seven Spiritual Weapons

    Catherine of Bologna

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2011

    St. Catherine of Bologna, much venerated in her own city, has been little known outside of her native region but interest in her is now increasing. The outline of her life is clear and her own... read more »
  4. The Separation of the Methodists from the Church of England

    Robert Leonard Tucker

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2008

  5. The Second Prayer-Book of Edward VI, Issued 1552

    James Parker

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2006

  6. The Schillebeeckx Case

    Ted Mark Schoof, OP

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2011

    THE SCHILLEBEECKX CASE brings together for the first time in English the letters between the prominent Dutch theologian Edward Schillebeeckx and the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the... read more »
  7. The Salome Project

    Gail P. Streete

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    We are not even sure of her name: it might have been Salome; it might have been Herodias, like that of her mother. She appears very briefly in only two Gospels of the New Testament, to dance at the... read more »
  8. The Romantic Movement and Methodism

    Frederick C. Gill

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2016

    “As to the main subject, Methodism is still a rich quarry. Time, far from obliterating its memory, serves only to emphasize more clearly neglected aspects and accentuate main features. No... read more »
  9. The Roman Primacy to A. D. 461

    B. J. Kidd

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2010

  10. The Role of the Christian Bishop in Ancient Society

    Henry Chadwick

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2012

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