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  1. Where Is the Church?

    Ronald D. Burris

    Resource / JUL 2012

    Where Is the Church? Martrydom, Persecution, and Baptism in North Africa is an overview of North African Christianity from the second to the fifth century. Beginning with the African... read more »
  2. Where Egos Dare

    Glenn Goree

    Resource / JAN 2017

    Have you ever wondered where Jesus might worship if he came to earth for a visit? Would he choose a magnificent cathedral, or would he join a rag-tag group sitting under a tree?
    Is there a... read more »
  3. When God Walked Among the Nations

    Michael F. Gleason

    Resource / JUL 2019

    The following is a brief description of the prevailing spiritual and moral tides that were washing over much of Europe and America in the early eighteenth century—God’s “righteous... read more »
  4. The Rabbi's Daughter

    Alan Sorem

    Resource / FEB 2015

    In the ruins of once-mighty Ephesus, site of the Temple of Artemis, a twenty-first century archeological team discovers the earliest known papyrus of the Gospel According to Mark. Sealed... read more »
  5. The Joseph Dialogues

    Alan Sorem

    Resource / DEC 2015

    Joseph of Nazareth, often "the forgotten man" in early Christian history, comes to life in the compelling historical novel, The Joseph Dialogues.

    At a time when Caesar Augustus has... read more »
  6. Simply Mary

    James Prothero

    Resource / NOV 2019

    The Virgin Mary has appeared to thousands and performed miracles from the early fifth century until now. Millions around the world are devoted to her. But have we wrapped so much elevating imagery... read more »
  7. Sabbath and Sunday among the Earliest Christians, Second Edition

    David W. T. Brattston

    Resource / APR 2017

    According to Christian sources from before the middle of the third century AD, the ancient evidence is unanimous that, although there were a few slight differences as to how weekends should be... read more »
  8. Living Traditions

    Kimberlynn McNabb, Robert C. Fennell

    Resource / MAY 2019

    How has the Christian movement grown and changed in the last five hundred years? From Luther to Tillich and the Virgin Mary, from Protestant initiatives and Catholic dialogues, from Charles Taylor... read more »
  9. In God We Trust . . . Or Do We?

    Glover Shipp

    Resource / JUL 2011

    Out of a deep concern for our nation and its drift away from its Christian roots, Glover Shipp presents powerful proofs that it was founded on faith in God. He begins with the earliest colonial... read more »
  10. From Budapest to Paris (1936-1957)

    Miklos Veto

    Resource / JUN 2020

    This book is a searching reflection by one of the important philosophers of our time upon his own life and identity, interwoven with history, religion and culture. Born in 1936 in Budapest, Miklos... read more »

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