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  1. Light Years from Tranquility

    Frank Lewandowski

    Resource / APR 2011

    In the distant future an enemy of Mankind is destroying space colonies, causing human expansion among the stars to come to a halt. Unaware these events have been taking place, Starship Captain Erik... read more »
  2. Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry

    George F. Simmons

    Resource / JAN 2003

    "Geometry is a very beautiful subject whose qualities of elegance, order, and certainty have exerted a powerful attraction on the human mind for many centuries. . . Algebra's importance lies in the... read more »
  3. Religion and the Social Sciences

    R. R. Reno, Barbara McClay

    Cascade / JUL 2015

    More often than not it's a class in the social sciences that challenges the faith of students, not a class in biology. Does critical understanding of our religious traditions, institutions, and... read more »
  4. Science and Christianity

    Tim Reddish

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2016

    Too often conversations on Science and Christianity skate over much deeper assumptions--or perceptions--on the nature and interpretation of Scripture, and the nature of science and of God. Instead,... read more »
  5. Seeing All Things Whole

    Thomas John Hastings

    Pickwick / FEB 2015

    Kagawa Toyohiko was one of the best-known evangelists and social reformers of the twentieth century. Founder of several religious, educational, social welfare, medical, financial, labor, and... read more »
  6. Shadow of Oz

    Wayne D. Rossiter

    Pickwick / OCT 2015

    In the century and a half since Darwin's Origin of Species, there has been an ongoing--and often vociferously argued--conversation about our species' place in creation and its relationship... read more »
  7. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Luke Jeffrey Janssen

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2016

    Church tradition has long held that humanity arose from two people living in a garden of paradise in the Mesopotamian basin roughly six thousand years ago. Scientists now have abundant evidence... read more »
  8. Star Death

    Leo Emmanuel Lochard

    Resource / JAN 2010

    Star Death is a science-based fiction book depicting "sun death" as revealed by the Prophets and as depicted by the Apostle Peter in the Holy Bible. It also parallels scientific estimations... read more »
  9. Studying the Image

    Eloise Meneses

    Cascade / MAR 2019

    The field of anthropology provides rich insights into the world of people and cultures. But it also presents challenges for Christians in the areas of cultural relativism, evolutionary theory, race... read more »
  10. Taking Out the Violence

    Ursula M. Anderson, MD

    Resource / DEC 2010

    At a time when the world is reeling from the violence thrust upon it, this volume offers new insights into the answers being sought to the question being universally asked: why such violence and... read more »

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