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  1. A Noble Calling

    David W. Whitlock, Gordon Dutile

    Resource / JAN 2008

    Too often, individuals who have been called to practice their gifts and talents in the field of business and professional life sense that to serve God they ought to be doing something more directly... read more »
  2. Beyond Management by Objectives

    Joe D. Batten

    Resource / DEC 2003

    A management classic indeed, reissued and updated because it is simply the best concise guide to what happens when an organization installs and commits itself to a management-by-objectives system.... read more »
  3. Christian and Humanist Foundations for Statistical Inference

    Andrew M. Hartley

    Resource / DEC 2007

    The Philosophy of the Law Idea (PLI) analyzes the manner in which religious beliefs control scientific theorizing. Religious beliefs control philosophical overviews of reality. Overviews of... read more »
  4. Psalm 15

    David W. Whitlock, Gordon Dutile

    Resource / APR 2008

    Psalm 15 begins with two related questions: "LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill?" (v. 1). These are questions worthy of our consideration as Christian business... read more »
  5. Solomon was a Businessman

    Ardith Baker, David W. Whitlock

    Resource / OCT 2008

    Success in today's business environment may seem difficult or elusive for those who desire to conduct themselves with integrity. To be genuinely successful, you need more than just talent; you need... read more »
  6. Team

    Brent Eldridge

    Resource / JUL 2008

    Every organization wants to achieve the kind of success that leads to greater success, and every leader wants to guide a successful venture. Leaders with drive want to be surrounded by people who... read more »
  7. The Excellent Persuader

    Steve J. Havemann, Joe D. Batten

    Resource / SEP 2013

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in nine Americans works in sales, meaning that each day more than fifteen million people earn their keep by persuading someone else to make a... read more »
  8. The Reflective Executive

    Emilie Griffin

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2008

    This profoundly practical book is for businesswomen and businessmen who wish to integrate spiritual values with day-to-day decision-making, tight scheduling, and high-pressured management of... read more »
  9. Voices of Harmony and Dissent

    Richard McCutcheon, Jarem Sawatsky, et al.…

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2018

    Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders Are Transforming Their Worlds is an informative and thought-provoking resource from the world-renowned Canadian School of Peacebuilding... read more »

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