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  1. A New Introduction to Philosophy

    Steven M. Cahn

    Resource / APR 2004

    An accessible and engaging introduction to philosophical inquiry, this book concentrates on topics of greatest interest to beginning students: the nature and tools of philosophy, free will,... read more »
  2. A Pen Named Man: Our Destiny

    John W. Newton

    Resource / JUL 2013

    Important goals of mankind, such as eliminating injustice and attaining a higher quality of life, are achievable. To achieve them, however, requires a will and a way. God provides the will.
    The... read more »
  3. African Traditional Religion versus Christianity

    Dmitry Usenco

    Resource / JUN 2020

    Breaking away from the centuries-long theological tradition, Dmitry Usenco offers a radically new—semiotic—reading of spirituality, proceeding on his original theory of the initial... read more »
  4. Bathed in Abrasion

    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

    Resource / OCT 2014

    If compromise and disappointment have a home, it is midlife. Here, suffering is like breathing. Longing is like dreaming. Standing midstream in the abrasive forces of life, author N. Thomas... read more »
  5. Coffeehouse Compatibilism

    David S. Lahm

    Resource / NOV 2012

    For centuries, Christians have pondered the following questions:
    -Are we free?
    -What is "freedom"?
    -What impact would it have if we weren't free?
    -Is it possible that we are... read more »
  6. Faith and Freedom

    Sven R. Larson

    Resource / JUL 2019

    As America approaches her 250th birthday, she is also approaching a fork in the road. The choice before us is moral and boils down to two terms: liberty or social justice? We cannot have both. This... read more »
  7. God for an Old Man

    Thomas M. Dicken

    Resource / DEC 2015

    God for an Old Man blends elements of careful academic thought about God with elements of personal autobiography and memoir. The author is deeply influenced by modern process thought about... read more »
  8. Hell in a Nutshell

    Charles Watson, Sr.

    Resource / OCT 2016

    "Is a doctrine of everlasting punishment in hell consistent with God's perfect love and perfect justice? And what implications does this traditional doctrine carry for the nature of divine grace... read more »
  9. Human Suffering and the Evil of Religion

    Dennis Jensen

    Resource / JAN 2018

    Dennis Jensen looks at two very important problems that have led many to reject religious belief generally and Christianity in particular: Why has God allowed the extreme suffering we find in... read more »
  10. Issues and Fragments

    Lucian Krukowski

    Resource / AUG 2016

    There are many subjects that appear in this book: Philosophy, Art, Fiction, Poetry, God. They are each approached through language that fits their content--language that itself shares... read more »

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