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  1. Windows on Early Christianity

    James W. Aageson

    Cascade / MAR 2016

    This book is introductory, but it is not an introduction to biblical content or to the history of early Christianity in the typical sense. Each of the chapters addresses a different aspect of the... read more »
  2. Where Have All the Heavens Gone?

    John P. McCarthy, Edmondo F. Lupieri

    Cascade / MAY 2017

    Twenty years before his famous trial, Galileo Galilei had spent two years carefully considering how the results of his own telescopic observations of the heavens as well as his convictions about... read more »
  3. Theology of My Life

    John Frame

    Cascade / MAY 2017

    This book is an autobiographical memoir. It tells the story of how God prepared me for the work of theology during childhood and during my schooling at Princeton, Westminster, and Yale. It focuses... read more »
  4. The Second-Century Apologists

    Alvyn Pettersen

    Cascade / AUG 2020

    “They bring three charges against us: atheism, Thyestean banquets, and Oedipean unions.” So a late second-century Christian Apologist wrote with reference to his critics. Against these... read more »
  5. The Salome Project

    Gail P. Streete

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    We are not even sure of her name: it might have been Salome; it might have been Herodias, like that of her mother. She appears very briefly in only two Gospels of the New Testament, to dance at the... read more »
  6. The Old Rugged Cross

    Ben Pugh

    Cascade / OCT 2016

    A lot has been said about the atonement theology of the theologians, but what of ordinary believers and their church leaders? What, if anything, have they done with "penal substitution" or with... read more »
  7. The New Pentecostal Message?

    Lewis Brogdon

    Cascade / JUN 2015

    The prosperity movement has influenced millions of people in North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa through Pentecostal, Charismatic and nondenominational preachers in some of the... read more »
  8. The Methodist Defense of Women in Ministry

    Paul W. Chilcote

    Cascade / NOV 2017

    John Wesley promoted the ministry of women in early Methodism. Amazing women like Phoebe Palmer, Catherine Booth, and Frances Willard—founding figures in the holiness movement, the Salvation... read more »
  9. The Making of the Self

    Richard Valantasis

    Cascade / MAR 2008

    A leading scholar of ascetical studies, Richard Valantasis explores a variety of ascetical traditions ranging from the Greco-Roman philosophy of Musonius Rufus, the asceticism found in the Nag... read more »
  10. The Least of These

    Eric R. Severson

    Cascade / JUN 2007

    This collection of primary documents from Christian history spans the second to eighteenth centuries (Irenaeus to George Whitefield). Severson has chosen writings that all deal with the... read more »

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