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  1. Philo of Alexandria

    Jean Danielou, SJ

    Cascade / JUN 2014

    Philo of Alexandria was a few years older than Jesus of Nazareth and lived longer. He belonged to a wealthy and cultured family, prominent in the Jewish community in Alexandria. Philo had contacts... read more »
  2. Piety and Plurality

    Glenn T. Miller

    Cascade / JUN 2014

    I began studying American theological education in the 1970s, and Piety and Plurality is the third of three studies. In Piety and Intellect, I examined the colonial and... read more »
  3. Pilgrims and Popes

    Tobias Brandner

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    Pilgrims and Popes introduces the foundational fifteen hundred years of the history of Christianity, from Jesus to the eve of the Reformation. The crucial decisions of the first centuries... read more »
  4. Post-Christendom

    Stuart Murray

    Cascade / JAN 2018

    Western societies are experiencing a series of disorientating culture shifts. Uncertain where we are heading, observers use “post” words to signal that familiar landmarks are... read more »
  5. Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest

    Gordon Oyer

    Cascade / FEB 2014

    2015 Thomas Merton "Louie" award winner for a publication that provides "fresh direction and provocative insight to Merton Studies," presented by the International Thomas Merton... read more »
  6. Radical Lutherans/Lutheran Radicals

    Jason A. Mahn

    Cascade / JUN 2017

    Can a Lutheran be sociopolitically radical? Can a radical be theologically and faithfully Lutheran? This book answers yes.
    Written by teacher-scholars from five ELCA colleges, Radical... read more »
  7. Reading Augustine

    Jason Byassee

    Cascade / OCT 2006

    The 'Confessions' of St. Augustine is one of the few Christian classics that is still widely read in the secular academy. Yet, oddly enough, it is not often read in the manner Augustine appears to... read more »
  8. Reformation Observances: 1517-2017

    Philip D. W. Krey

    Cascade / AUG 2017

    The year 2017 marks the five-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, if that event is dated from the posting of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses. Admittedly, 2017 is an arbitrary and... read more »
  9. Religion among People

    Kees W. Bolle

    Cascade / OCT 2017

    “At the deepest level religious traditions determine what goes on between one human being and another, between one community and another, and between human beings and whoever holds power over... read more »
  10. Religion and the Rise of History

    Leonard S. Smith

    Cascade / APR 2009

    As a historical inquiry and synthesis, this intellectual history is the first study to apply the ideal-type or model-building methodology of Otto Hintze (1861-1940) to Western historical thought or... read more »

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