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  1. A Christian Peace Experiment

    Ian M. Randall

    Cascade / MAR 2018

    This book examines part of the development of the Bruderhof community, which emerged in Germany in 1920. Community members sought to model their life on the New Testament. This included sharing... read more »
  2. A Companion to the Mercersburg Theology

    William B. Evans

    Cascade / MAY 2019

    This volume tells the story of a mid-nineteenth-century theological movement emanating from the small German Reformed Seminary in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, where John Williamson Nevin and Philip... read more »
  3. A Land Full of God

    Mae Elise Cannon

    Cascade / MAY 2017

    A Land Full of God gives American Christians an opportunity to promote peace and justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It shows them how to understand the enmity with brief,... read more »
  4. A Short Book about Paul

    Paul W. Barnett

    Cascade / JUL 2019

    Most books about Paul the apostle are long and very detailed, and for many a potential reader a daunting prospect. A Short Book about Paul is deliberately brief, but its brevity is not at... read more »
  5. An Embassy Besieged

    Emmy Barth

    Cascade / AUG 2010

    Here for the first time in print is the story of a small group who dared to confront Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich with the love of Jesus Christ. Avoiding covert resistance on the one hand and... read more »
  6. Apocalyptic Fever

    Richard G. Kyle

    Cascade / AUG 2012

    How will the world end? Doomsday ideas in Western history have been both persistent and adaptable, peaking at various times, including in modern America. Public opinion polls indicate that a... read more »
  7. Argula von Grumbach (1492-1554/7)

    Peter Matheson

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    At a time when women were expected to stick to their household duties, according to Peter Matheson, Argula von Grumbach burst through every barrier.

    Matheson offers here a biography of... read more »
  8. As Resident Aliens

    Kathleen Kern

    Cascade / JAN 2010

    "As the crucifixes drenched with Jewish blood drop from our hands, we stand impotent and wordless before this tragedy of Israel and Palestine . . . In the name of the crucified Messiah, we must... read more »
  9. Augustine and the Fundamentalist's Daughter

    Margaret R. Miles

    Cascade / AUG 2011

    In Augustine and the Fundamentalist's Daughter, Margaret Miles weaves her memoirs together with reflections on Augustine's Confessions. Having read and reread Augustine's Confessions, in admiration... read more »
  10. Augustine and the Problem of Power

    Charles Norris Cochrane, David Beer

    Cascade / OCT 2017

    More than seventy years after his untimely death, this collection of essays and lectures provides the first appearance of Charles Norris Cochrane’s follow-up to his seminal work,... read more »

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