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  1. A Riff of Love

    Greg Jarrell

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    Surprising teachers. Tragic losses. Unexpected gifts. Every neighborhood has stories, and ways of singing the stories of their place. Start digging in, and you find all sorts of music. In a... read more »
  2. Elie Wiesel

    Alan L. Berger

    Cascade / NOV 2018

    Elie Wiesel, plucked from the ashes of the Holocaust, became a Nobel Peace laureate, an activist on behalf of the oppressed, a teacher, an award-winning novelist, and a renowned humanist. He moved... read more »
  3. Freelance Christianity

    Vance G. Morgan

    Cascade / JUN 2017

    "How can you be a Christian and a philosopher at the same time?" This question has haunted Vance Morgan ever since it was posed by a good friend almost thirty years ago. Freelance... read more »
  4. Hello? Is Anyone There?

    Roger Philip Abbott

    Cascade / NOV 2014

    According to the Bible, the God of Christianity has a reputation for answering prayer. However, many Christians have been sometimes severely tempted to think they have been sold short as they have... read more »
  5. Questing for Understanding

    David B. Burrell, CSC

    Cascade / AUG 2012

    Trying to articulate the ways in which one's life meshes with one's own time can be perilous, yet friends have encouraged me to do just that. Nevertheless, for one oriented to serving others as... read more »
  6. Secrets from a Prison Cell

    Tony Vick, Michael T. McRay

    Cascade / FEB 2018

    Tony Vick is serving two life sentences for murder. After nearly twenty years in prison, Tony has literally taken to the pen to document firsthand what life is like behind bars. This... read more »
  7. Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll

    Joel Heng Hartse

    Cascade / NOV 2010

    "If this book moves, I hope it moves in the way pop songs do. There will be a lot of talk about songs, but inasmuch as this is a book about listening to music, it's also about how listening to... read more »
  8. Summer Sermons, Winter Thoughts

    Peter C. Hodgson

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    The “summer sermons” have been delivered in the Presbyterian Church of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, over a period of fifteen years. When someone first arrives in Eagles Mere for the... read more »
  9. Tailings

    Kaethe Schwehn

    Cascade / OCT 2014

    In August of 2001, Kaethe Schwehn needed her own, personal Eden. She was a twenty-two-year-old trying to come to terms with a failed romance, the dissolution of her parents' marriage, and her own... read more »
  10. The Middle of Things

    Meghan Florian

    Cascade / JUL 2017

    In the tradition of classic essayists from Virginia Woolf to Annie Dillard, Meghan Florian combines personal narrative with careful analysis, taking the ordinary material of undramatic daily life... read more »

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