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  1. A Moment in Time

    Jeff Morris

    Resource / NOV 2018

    John is a retired science professor who believes he has uncovered a cult conspiracy to brainwash the people in his town. After taking great precautions to protect himself from the group, he’s... read more »
  2. A Unicorn Dies

    Paul S. Fiddes

    Cascade / SEP 2019

    Giles Questing, an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, finds his life taking an unexpected turn after the suspicious death of a PhD student, a death the police believe to be suicide.... read more »
  3. Across the Creek

    Rosanne Hawke

    Stone Table Books / AUG 2017

    Children in Aidan’s town have mysteriously disappeared for years. When his friend Jenice disappears, Aidan goes in search of her. He crosses a forbidden creek, and with the help of a piskey... read more »
  4. Beast-Speaker 1

    W. A. Noble

    Stone Table Books / JAN 2018

    Children are disappearing from the city of Seddon without a trace. The city gates are locked and guarded, but still the children disappear. One night, Seeger and his friend Boyd are taken and they... read more »
  5. Beyond the Veil

    C. N. Dudek

    Resource / APR 2016

    When we enter the temple, we enter heaven (Orthodox idea). When we go to church, we enter the kingdom of heaven. Heaven and earth are made one. It is the marriage of heaven and earth. At Christ's... read more »
  6. Broken Glass

    Mary VanderGoot

    Resource / DEC 2019

    This book is a candid family saga that weaves together conflict and redemption. Maggie is a widow, and her four adult children are navigating their own complicated lives while blaming their parents... read more »
  7. Cary and John

    Neil Ellis Orts

    Resource / JAN 2020

    In the early 1970s, during a time when their families lived in separate cities, Cary and John kept in touch with each other through letters that were kept secret from their wives and daughters.... read more »
  8. City of Bridges

    David Michael Belczyk

    Resource / DEC 2019

    In an ancient city steeped in myth but searching for truth, a courier is killed while crossing a bridge. A century later, three friends join the city’s search for the item the courier... read more »
  9. Click -n- Clock, Plink -n- Plonk

    Lauri Houghton-Todd

    Resource / JAN 2020

    Come along, join me in a walk outside to explore the fun and adventure that awaits each and every one of us!
  10. Death Comes for the Deconstructionist

    / DEC 2014

    Jon Mote--grad school dropout and serial failure--has been hired to investigate the murder of his erstwhile mentor, Richard Pratt, a star in the firmament of literary theory. Feeling unequal to the... read more »

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