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  1. The Earth Is God's

    William Dyrness

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2004

    Noting that "Christians in the 20th century have not been able to make up their minds whether God and our corporate lives have anything to do with each other," Dyrness explores the century's... read more »
  2. Senses of the Soul

    William Dyrness

    Cascade / MAY 2008

    Senses of the Soul explores the way art and visual elements are incorporated into Christian worship. It incorporates research conducted in Los Angeles congregations. Through extensive interviews in... read more »
  3. Emerging Voices in Global Christian Theology

    William Dyrness

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2003

    There are some new voices emerging in Christian theological conversation these days. They do not speak with American or Western European accents, but reflect their settings in Africa, Asia, and... read more »
  4. Christian Apologetics in a World Community

    William Dyrness

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2002

    Christians have always felt a duty to explain and defend their faith, but in today's global village that duty can easily become a burden. What can Christians say to Hindus? to third-world... read more »
  5. An Ethiopian Reading of the Bible

    Keon-Sang An

    Pickwick / OCT 2015

    This book explores the biblical interpretation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC). In doing so, it illuminates the interpretation of the Bible in a particular historical and cultural... read more »
  6. An Ethic of Hospitality

    Emily Jeptepkeny Choge

    Pickwick / JUL 2020

    In our increasingly xenophobic world, countries are turning away refugees and immigrants. Based on the situation in Kenya, this book offers a countercultural ethic of hospitality and welcome to the... read more »
  7. (un)Common Sounds

    Roberta R. King, Sooi Ling Tan

    Cascade / NOV 2014

    In troubled times of heightened global tensions and conflict, (un)Common Sounds: Songs of Peace and Reconciliation among Muslims and Christians explores the contribution of music and the... read more »

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