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  1. Confessions of a Jewish Priest

    / FEB 2010

    The Confessions of a Jewish Priest are the reminiscences of Gabriel Weinreich, a secular Jew who was born in Poland and moved to the U.S. as a young adolescent during World War II thus... read more »
  2. David

    / JAN 2017

    "While sketching every period of his life, I have concentrated myself on those passages which trace the steps by which the shepherd became the king. It was in these that his character was formed,... read more »
  3. Dick Sheppard

    / APR 2019

  4. Eric Gill

    / APR 2019

    From the Preface:

    My aim has been no more than to give a summary exposition of Eric Gill’s ideas and the convictions that lay behind them, primarily with the object of encouraging... read more »
  5. Family Crucible

    / JAN 2010

    This book explores the life and ministry of John Wesley from the perspective of Murray Bowen's Extended Family Systems Theory and to a lesser extent from Alfred Adler's concept of family... read more »
  6. Famous Stutterers

    / OCT 2016

    Moses, Aristotle, Civil War hero Joshua Chamberlain, King George VI, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, distinguished historian Peter Brown, TV journalist John Stossel, Senator's wife Annie Glenn,... read more »
  7. Frau Wibrandis

    / MAR 2009

    The sixteenth century in Europe was a tumultuous time. It was the time of plagues, a time of wars, and a time of reformation. The Protestant Reformation was a decisive moment. We hear a great deal... read more »
  8. Get Poor Now, Avoid the Rush

    / DEC 2010

    It's hard to say, exactly, what's meant by the "modern world," but Henry Buckberry never really hooked into it. Born before the First World War and the oldest boy in a family of thirteen kids, he... read more »
  9. Goronwy and Me

    / SEP 2012

    Goronwy Owen (1723-1769) was a Welsh poet and clergyman who spent the last dozen years of his life in Virginia. As a poet, Owen is still revered in his native land as in his work he revived the... read more »

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