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  1. A Biblical Understanding of Pain

    John Timmerman

    Cascade / DEC 2013

    In A Biblical Understanding of Pain: Its Reasons and Realities, John Timmerman examines six different sources of pain, each with its own chapter of description and biblical response. These... read more »
  2. A Body Broken, A Body Betrayed

    Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Marcia W. Mount Shoop

    Cascade / OCT 2015

    Race and privilege are issues that cry out for new kinds of attention and healing in American society. More specifically, we are being called to surface the dynamics of whiteness especially in... read more »
  3. A Brief Theology of Sport

    Lincoln Harvey

    Cascade / APR 2014

    Sport is extremely popular. This groundbreaking book explains why. It shows that sport has everything to do with our deepest identity. It is where we resonate with the most basic nature of reality.... read more »
  4. A Celtic Christology

    John F. Gavin

    Cascade / JUL 2014

    John Scottus Eriugena, the brilliant and controversial Irishman in the court of Charles the Bald (823-877), the grandson of Charlemagne, drew upon both the Latin and Greek patristic traditions in... read more »
  5. A Faith Embracing All Creatures

    Tripp York, Andy Alexis-Baker

    Cascade / NOV 2012

    What is the purpose of animals? Didn't God give humans dominion over other creatures? Didn't Jesus eat lamb? These are the kinds of questions that Christians who advocate compassion toward other... read more »
  6. A Faith Not Worth Fighting For

    Tripp York, Justin Bronson Barringer

    Cascade / MAY 2012

    In A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, editors Justin Bronson Barringer and Tripp York have assembled a number of essays by pastors, activists, and scholars in order to address the common... read more »
  7. A Faith That Sings

    Paul W. Chilcote

    Cascade / NOV 2016

    This book examines the primary biblical themes in the lyrical theology of Charles Wesley, the master hymn writer and cofounder of the Methodist movement. Methodism was born in song, and it is... read more »
  8. A Greek Reader's Apostolic Fathers

    Alan S. Bandy

    Cascade / SEP 2018

    The writings from the postapostolic period of the early church (ca. 70–150 CE), known as the Apostolic Fathers, comprise the earliest extant Christian writings outside of the New Testament.... read more »
  9. A Larger Hope?, Volume 1

    Ilaria L. E. Ramelli

    Cascade / JUL 2019

    In the minds of some, universal salvation is a heretical idea that was imported into Christianity from pagan philosophies by Origen (c.185–253/4). Ilaria Ramelli argues that this picture is... read more »
  10. A Larger Hope?, Volume 2

    Robin A. Parry, Ilaria L. E. Ramelli

    Cascade / MAR 2019

    This book aims to uncover and explore the ideas of notable people in the story of Christian universalism from the time of the Reformation until the end of the nineteenth century. It is a story that... read more »

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