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  1. Adolf Keller

    Marianne Jehle-Wildberger

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    The Swiss theologian Adolf Keller was the leading ecumenist on the European continent between the two world wars. In this book the historian Marianne Jehle-Wildberger delineates his life and its... read more »
  2. African Christian Mothers and Fathers

    Mark Ellingsen

    Cascade / OCT 2015

    After almost a millennium and a half, scholars are rediscovering the theological roots of Christianity in ancient North Africa! But we still have a long way to go in bringing these insights to the... read more »
  3. After Crucifixion

    Craig Keen

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    This is an extraordinary text. It addresses no small number of traditional theological concerns. However, it addresses them mindful of the earthiness of life. Thus this is also a book that is... read more »
  4. After Heresy

    Vitor Westhelle

    Cascade / MAR 2010

    In this important contribution to post-colonial theological studies, the argument is made that religious practices and teachings imposed on colonized peoples are transmuted in the process of... read more »
  5. After the Election

    Ron Scott Sanders

    Cascade / APR 2018

    The role of Evangelical Christianity in American public life is controversial. The mythology of America as a “Christian nation” and the promissory note of secularism have proved... read more »
  6. After Trump

    Donald Heinz

    Cascade / MAR 2020

    A black social gospel movement arose after the Civil War to mitigate the broken promises of reparations and the reestablishment of white supremacy. After the Gilded Age, a new social gospel arose... read more »
  7. After War, Is Faith Possible?

    Geoffrey A. Studdert Kennedy, Kerry Walters

    Cascade / MAY 2008

    "There are no words foul and filthy enough to describe war." So declared Geoffrey "Woodbine Willie" Studdert Kennedy (1883-1929), a decorated frontline chaplain whose battlefield experiences in... read more »
  8. Against Empire

    Matthew T. Eggemeier

    Cascade / SEP 2020

    Against Empire analyzes the relationship between Christian theology and radical democracy by exploring how black prophetic thought, feminist theology, Latin American liberation theology, and... read more »
  9. Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom

    Jenny Duckworth, Justin Duckworth

    Cascade / JUL 2011

    Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom is the story of the Urban Vision community in New Zealand. This book recounts the story of a group of young Christian adults who over the last fifteen years... read more »
  10. Aiming at Maturity

    Stephen W. Rankin

    Cascade / NOV 2011

    It seems that much of American Christianity has lost sight of the goal of growing to maturity in Christ. This loss of vision has had serious consequences for the quality of our witness and... read more »

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