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  1. Christian Theology and Islam

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    How can Christians committed to the classical Christian tradition (Evangelicals and Catholics) address the issues raised by contemporary Islam? Along with and even prior to much needed dialogue... read more »
  2. Heaven, Hell, . . . and Purgatory?

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / SEP 2015

    What is our destiny? The final end of humanity and the universe is a subject of perennial interest, especially for Christians. What are we promised? Will anyone finally be left out of God's... read more »
  3. Life Amid the Principalities

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / SEP 2016

    "We are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness" (Eph 6:12). So Paul warns his Ephesian... read more »
  4. Remembering the Reformation

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / DEC 2017

    In 1517, Martin Luther set off what has been called, at least since the nineteenth century, the Protestant Reformation. Can Christians of differing traditions commemorate the upcoming 500th... read more »
  5. Repentance and Forgiveness

    Matthew E. Burdette, Victor Lee Austin

    Cascade / SEP 2020

    Reconciliation is at the heart of the Christian faith. It is what God accomplishes by the incarnation of his Son, by Jesus’ cross, resurrection, and exaltation: that all people be drawn to... read more »
  6. The Emerging Christian Minority

    Victor Lee Austin, Joel C. Daniels

    Cascade / FEB 2019

    An increase in secularization throughout the Western world has resulted in Christian communities finding themselves in a new context: emerging as a minority group. What does this changing landscape... read more »
  7. The Morally Divided Body

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / SEP 2012

    At the same time as Catholic and evangelical Christians have increasingly come to agree on issues that divided them during the sixteenth-century reformations, they seem increasingly to disagree on... read more »
  8. What Does It Mean to "Do This"?

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / NOV 2014

    Jesus' best-known mandate--after perhaps the mandate to love God and neighbor--was given at the Last Supper just before his death: "Do this in memory of me." Indeed, a case can be made that to "do... read more »
  9. Who Do You Say That I Am?

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / SEP 2014

    No question is more central to Christian living, preaching, and theology than Jesus' question to his disciples: Who do you say that I am? Some would have it that pastors and theologians, biblical... read more »

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