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  1. With God's Oldest Friends

    Henry C. Simmons, Mark A. Peters

    Resource / SEP 2003

  2. Who and Where Is God?

    Ursula M. Anderson, MD

    Resource / OCT 2010

    In a courageous, achingly honest, and long overdue insight and expose, which just may be on the distaff side of political correctness, the author invites a rethinking of our origins and the beliefs... read more »
  3. Wells of Wisdom

    Andrew J. Weaver, Carolyn L. Stapleton

    Resource / APR 2010

    "The essays in this book stress the importance of grandparents as bearers of the history, the values, and the traditions of each of the tribal units . . . The essays in this book take us into... read more »
  4. Welcome!

    Kathleen Finley

    Resource / SEP 2014

    Expecting and raising a new baby is an exciting time in life--one filled with hope, anxiety, optimism, and wonder. This collection of prayers for parents feeds the spiritual side of the prospect of... read more »
  5. Transgender Journeys

    Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Vanessa Sheridan

    Resource / FEB 2010

    "No matter how you identify yourself on the wide spectrum of gender--and some people find themselves in significantly different locations on that spectrum from day to day--if you're Christian and... read more »
  6. This Old Church

    Ion Grumeza

    Resource / JAN 2010

    "From the squeaky floors to the crumbling towers and from peeling paint to the falling ceiling, parishioners love to talk about any restoration work, as many have already had similar experiences... read more »
  7. The Word on Management, Second Edition

    John E. Mulford, Bruce E. Winston

    Resource / AUG 2012

  8. The Fine Art of Mentoring

    Ted W. Engstrom, Norman B. Rohrer

    Resource / MAR 2005

    Who has been the most influential person in your life? Was it a school teacher? An uncle? A parent? A grandmother? A minister? An employer? A coach?

    Whoever it was, your reason for... read more »
  9. The Confidence Chasm

    Joe D. Batten, Gail Batten

    Resource / DEC 2003

    Today's malaise is in large part caused by people who underrate themselves and others. People who dwell on weaknesses . . . escape from reality through cynicism . . . or accept put-downs and... read more »
  10. The Christmas Surprise

    Ruth Nulton Moore

    Resource / APR 2007

    When Indians burn her home, kill her parents, and take her young brother captive, Kate Stewart has no one to turn to but Uncle Josh, a circuit rider in the back country of Pennsylvania. Her uncle... read more »

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