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  1. A First Step into a Much Larger World

    John W. Hawthorne

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2014

    How do Christian students approach their years at a Christian college or university? What are the connections between all those hours of study and the Christian life? A First Step into a Much... read more »
  2. A Garland of Grace

    Doreen Harrison

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2019

    A Garland of Grace is a winning combination of inspiration and experience!

    ‘Grace is amazing because the immensity of God was contracted to a span... read more »
  3. A Journey to the Heart of Evangelism

    Janice Keats

    Resource / SEP 2009

    Have you ever been challenged and stymied when asked where you stand in your faith? Do you ever wonder who is responsible to reach those who have not yet heard the Gospel message? Do you wonder... read more »
  4. A Journey to the High Places

    Christopher Felix Bezzina

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2012

    Since his existence the human being has explored various ways in his quest for God. Part of this search is related to humanity's yearning for true harmony and joy in the world. Christian... read more »
  5. A Longing for Peace

    Edmund Kee-Fook Chia, James W. Heisig

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2006

    In this volume the voices of some 60 persons from a variety of cultures and religions from every corner of the globe join in chorus to express a common longing for peace. Far from a simple plea for... read more »
  6. A Most Dangerous Profession

    Eric C. Sorenson

    Resource / JAN 2011

    Every Christian is assailed by the gales of temptation, but those in professional ministry face fiercer storms than the rest. As C. H. Spurgeon warned, contrary to what is often assumed, "our... read more »
  7. A Place Where Everybody Matters

    Jean Risley

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2010

    Small churches need the work of all of their people to survive, and this means that there's a productive place in the church family for every person, no matter how gifted or challenged. Small... read more »
  8. A Relentless Hope

    Gary E. Nelson

    Cascade / MAY 2007

    Depression and related illnesses threaten to wreck the lives of many teens and their families. Suicide driven by these illnesses is one of the top killers of these young people. How do teens become... read more »
  9. A Sense of Being Called

    Richard Stoll Armstrong

    Cascade / JAN 2011

    Dick Armstrong was thoroughly committed to his promising future as a major league baseball front-office executive until something happened that completely changed his life and steered him in a... read more »
  10. A Simplified Guide to Worshiping As Lutherans

    James Alan Waddell

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2009

    This book was prepared for lay people, congregational leaders, pastors, church musicians, worship leaders, and worship committees. It provides an answer for those who are asking the question: What... read more »

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