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  1. A Spiritual Companion to How to Get Along with Your Church

    Beverly A. Thompson

    Resource / JAN 2010

    "If you are like most pastors, you earnestly thought you knew what the congregation you are serving was like when you answered God's call to serve them. Something has opened your eyes and now you... read more »
  2. A Time to Dance

    Margaret Fisk Taylor

    Resource / NOV 2009

    In her new book, A Time to Dance, Margaret Fisk Taylor recreates the exciting religious response her country-wide "symbolic movement" workshops have engendered in children, young people, and... read more »
  3. Children Together

    Kathryn Goering Reid, Ken Hawkley

    Resource / JAN 2010

    Education within the Church and within the family is the only way to change old patterns and smash cultural stereotypes. Reid and Hawkley reexamine God's message of love for all people through the... read more »
  4. Coming Out through Fire

    Leanne McCall Tigert

    Resource / OCT 2009

    Coming Out through Fire is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons who seek to move through the trauma of homophobia with the passion and power of transformation. It is also for... read more »
  5. Connected Spirits

    Andrew J. Weaver, Donald E. Messer

    Resource / FEB 2010

    Connected Spirits shares touching stories of friendship and the impact it can have on one's spiritual life. The contributors, which come from a wide variety of backgrounds and denominations,... read more »
  6. Conquer Stage Fright

    Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD

    Resource / JUL 2010

  7. Crossing the Soul's River

    William O. Roberts, Jr.

    Resource / OCT 2009

  8. Dear God

    Kathleen Finley

    Resource / AUG 2014

    Dear God, the world feels very alive today, with birds and flowers and many colors. Thank you for the new life we feel and see all around us, life that comes from you. Thank you for butterflies and... read more »
  9. Doorways to the Soul

    Elisa Davy Pearmain

    Resource / DEC 2007

    Winner of the Storytelling World Honor Award, 1999

    Stories hold the promise of illuminating generation after generation of listeners with truths at each new telling. In this delightful... read more »
  10. Help Me Remember

    Elaine Blanchard

    Resource / OCT 2009

    "Will you help me remember, especially when I or someone else you know is having a hard time feeling good about him or herself and the world around us, that God made the whole world and said that... read more »

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