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  1. Your Best Years

    Roger Palms

    Resource / MAR 2003

    Wanted: Christians with wisdom, spiritual maturity, proven character. Compassion and enthusiasm required. Must be willing to influence others. Hours varied. Grey hair a plus.

    Dreaming of... read more »
  2. Writing That Makes Sense, 2nd Edition

    David S. Hogsette

    Resource / NOV 2019

    The second edition of Writing That Makes Sense takes students through the fundamentals of the writing process and explores the basic steps of critical thinking. Drawing upon over twenty... read more »
  3. Words and Images that Seep into the Soul

    James Phillips Noble

    Resource / MAR 2013

    Our lives move along with ups and downs, and we cope with them the best we can. But underneath there is a hunger for something more. There are times of stress such as when a loved one dies, a job... read more »
  4. Women: The Misunderstood Majority

    M. Gay Hubbard

    Resource / MAY 2003

    Fact: Women are the major consumers of counseling services today.

    Fact: The average counselor (male or female, secular or pastoral) has little or no specific training in the psychology of... read more »
  5. Women Belong in Leadership

    Kay Ramnarine

    Resource / SEP 2007

    The debate rages! Do women belong in vocational pulpit leadership? What does the Bible say? Three things distinguish this book's argument. First, the author's passion; pages sizzle, thanks to... read more »
  6. Woman of Nobility

    Nina Bissett

    Resource / MAY 2016

    In the late 1800s a supremely qualified woman educator and administrator made an unforgettable imprint on well-known missionaries, educators, and preachers. Emma Dryer worked with Pacific Garden... read more »
  7. Witness Is Presence

    Miika Tolonen

    Resource / JAN 2014

    In a postsecular cultural situation the conditions for understanding and communicating a Christian tradition have changed. None of the established religions can any longer claim monopoly in the... read more »
  8. With Bible in One Hand and Newspaper in the Other

    Charles R. Peterson

    Resource / DEC 2018

    The famous theologian Karl Barth is known for his admonition that Christians should evaluate major news events in the light of the Bible rather than vice versa. This book reviews attempts at... read more »
  9. When Wright is Wrong

    Phillip D. R. Griffiths

    Resource / JAN 2019

    In today’s world the Christian is constantly being challenged with new teachings. Some of these are particularly dangerous because they are put forward by those with evangelical credentials.... read more »
  10. When Religious Faith Collides with Science

    Jan M. Long

    Resource / AUG 2016

    A 2014 Gallup Poll indicated that 26 percent of Americans believe that humans came into existence less than 10,000 years ago, with a much larger 37 percent believing the world was created in six... read more »

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