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  1. The Dwelling Place of Wonder

    Harry L. Serio

    Resource / JUL 2016

    Newark, New Jersey, in the mid-twentieth century, was, for a teenager growing up, a mix of wonder and fear, excitement and discovery, joy and pain. What I have written is memory--a life not... read more »
  2. The Best of Two Lives

    Doris Ayyoub

    Resource / SEP 2016

    The Best of Two Lives is a love story as well as family history. It is shaped as a journey, beginning with the cultural foundations of Jordan and the United States. Weaving threads of family... read more »
  3. Ted Allen Studebaker

    Gary W. Studebaker, Douglas E. Studebaker

    Resource / APR 2017

    Ted Studebaker, a true peace hero, worked for peace through nonviolence. By doing so, he left a peacemaking legacy that continues to impact mankind through the ages. He was a volunteer... read more »
  4. Tailings

    Kaethe Schwehn

    Cascade / OCT 2014

    In August of 2001, Kaethe Schwehn needed her own, personal Eden. She was a twenty-two-year-old trying to come to terms with a failed romance, the dissolution of her parents' marriage, and her own... read more »
  5. Summer Sermons, Winter Thoughts

    Peter C. Hodgson

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    The “summer sermons” have been delivered in the Presbyterian Church of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, over a period of fifteen years. When someone first arrives in Eagles Mere for the... read more »
  6. Small Feet on the Run

    Sieglinde Martin

    Resource / AUG 2016

    You may know much about World War II, but did you ever wonder how children lived through this man-made disaster that killed twenty-nine million civilians in Europe? Read about eighteen ordinary... read more »
  7. Sixty Shades of Love

    Darlene Matule

    Resource / MAR 2018

    After publishing two historical novels, Darlene Matule felt compelled to tackle a current problem—the state of marriage in America—the always legal and often sacred joining of one man... read more »
  8. Since John Got Sick

    Allison Greene, John Greene

    Resource / MAY 2018

    John was always healthy. Then at age twenty-six a rare autoimmune disease struck out of nowhere. “Idiopathic,” doctors said of the phenomenon that tried to take his life violently... read more »
  9. Silentium

    Connie T. Braun

    Resource / SEP 2017

    With this collection of meditative, personal, memoir, and lyrical essays and narrative poetry, Connie T. Braun explores the multi-valences of silence within themes of loss, displacement, identity,... read more »
  10. Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll

    Joel Heng Hartse

    Cascade / NOV 2010

    "If this book moves, I hope it moves in the way pop songs do. There will be a lot of talk about songs, but inasmuch as this is a book about listening to music, it's also about how listening to... read more »

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