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  1. The Role of Female Seminaries on the Road to Social Justice for Women

    Kristen Welch, Abraham Ruelas

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2015

    In the United States, female seminaries and their antecedents, the female academies, were crucial first institutions that played a vital role in liberating women from the "home sphere," a locus... read more »
  2. The Bishop, the Mullah, and the Smartphone

    Bryan Winters

    Resource / MAY 2015

    Not so long ago the world resisted change, often using religious-reasoning. Small wonder--the printing press, a sixteenth century disruptive device, split Christianity. Now the globe welcomes... read more »
  3. Rational Piety and Social Reform in Glasgow

    Stephen Cowley

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2015

    James Mylne (1757-1839) taught moral philosophy and political economy in Glasgow from 1797 to the mid-1830s. Rational Piety and Social Reform in Glasgow offers readers Mylne's biography, a... read more »
  4. Explaining the Holocaust

    Mordecai Schreiber

    Cascade / APR 2015

    Seventy years after it took place, the Holocaust committed against the Jews of Europe during World War II continues to cast a giant shadow over humankind. Man's inhumanity to man is not a thing of... read more »
  5. Art and Science

    Craig Cunningham Hudson, Elianne Hudson

    Resource / APR 2015

    Born in 1918 into a family of Oregon pioneers, merchants, and businessmen, skinny and shy Craig Hudson always felt he was destined for other things. When his grandfather gave him drawing supplies... read more »

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