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  1. Thin Places

    John C. Morgan

    Resource / JAN 2009

    When he was asked to summarize his philosophy, Plato reportedly said: "Practice dying," which seems a rather strange, even morbid, comment until one realizes that every life consists of passages,... read more »
  2. The Scroll of Anatiya

    Zoe Klein

    Resource / APR 2009

    Written in the high art style of prophetic witness, The Scroll of Anatiya reveals a new kind of biblical heroine who is fiercely passionate and sensual. In this first-person, honest, and vulnerable... read more »
  3. The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition

    Joel D. Vaughan

    Resource / JUN 2009

    Christian Coalition experienced a meteoric rise in American politics in the 1990s only to see its profile and impact vanish into embarrassing irrelevancy at the end of the decade, leaving many to... read more »
  4. The Punctuation Handbook

    Joan I. Miller, Bruce J. Taylor

    Resource / DEC 2008

    Punctuation brings to the written language what facial expression, body movement, tone of voice, and emotion provide for the spoken language. All of these help the writer or speaker convey ideas.... read more »
  5. The Power of Persuasion, Second Edition

    Harry Hazel

    Resource / JUL 2005

    Persuasion is a powerful tool. Attorneys use it to win cases. Politicians practice the art to harvest votes. Salespeople and advertisers rely on it to sell everything from soap to skyscrapers.... read more »
  6. The N.P.M.W.A.R.A.

    Dean Nichols

    Resource / JUN 2005

  7. The Language of the Law

    David Mellinkoff

    Resource / MAY 2004

  8. The Knights of Rhodes

    Bo Giertz

    Resource / FEB 2010

    1521 has arrived. A new year in a new world with new nations, new continents, new knowledge, and new rulers. Never before had so much power been gathered in such young hands. The tenth Sultan, the... read more »
  9. The Informed Eye

    Bruce Cole

    Resource / JUL 2018

    THE INFORMED EYE is a beautiful and blessedly straightforward exposition of the essential principles and history of Western art. In these pages the distinguished art historian Bruce Cole... read more »
  10. The Illusion Warrior

    J. Michaels

    Resource / APR 2010

    This is not your grandfather's poetry. It is spun for the everyman and woman. It is bred of a spiritual nature, yet it smiles and laughs and screams. Some are funny, some are sad. Some spit in the... read more »

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