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  1. A Climate of Justice

    / OCT 2017

    What does it mean to love our neighbours in a world that is warming? That is just one of the questions dealt with in A Climate of Justice. Justice, we are reminded, is important to... read more »
  2. Beyond the Boundaries of Science

    / MAR 2019

    Is the origin of life a lucky roll of cosmic dice? Who is behind the origin of the universe? What do the latest scientific discoveries say about the origin of space and time? Beyond the... read more »
  3. Christianity for Doubters

    / MAY 2016

    In Christianity for Doubters, mathematician Granville Sewell looks at a series of issues that cause Christians to doubt. The first two chapters effectively counter the widely believed idea... read more »
  4. Critique of the Theory of Evolution

    / AUG 2007

    In this book, Walter Friedman exposes internal contradictions that nullify the theory of evolution. He also reveals the ways Charles Darwin falsified observation data to promote his... read more »
  5. Darwin in a New Key

    / DEC 2015

    Can one coherently integrate Darwin's view of evolution with an affirmation of the value of existence? In this fresh, lean, and substantive volume, William Meyer addresses this important question.... read more »
  6. Designing Religious Research Studies

    / MAR 2016

    Have you ever been frustrated with or perhaps even frightened about writing a religious research proposal? This book demythologizes the religious research design process by beginning with the... read more »
  7. From Disposable Culture to Disposable People

    / DEC 2018

    We cannot solve the problem of plastics simply by recycling more. The plastic in the oceans, the soil, and our bodies is a symptom of the broader problem of disposable culture. We are not just... read more »
  8. God and Science

    / MAR 2018

    Controversies about science and faith—especially debates about creation and evolution—continue to engage Christian teachers and pastors. How do they deal with such questions and respond... read more »
  9. If God Exists

    / MAY 2017

    When I was seven years old the nun teaching my Catechism class told us that Mary immaculately conceived Jesus. My mother immediately disabused me of this idea, stating, unequivocally, that Mary was... read more »
  10. Light Years from Tranquility

    / APR 2011

    In the distant future an enemy of Mankind is destroying space colonies, causing human expansion among the stars to come to a halt. Unaware these events have been taking place, Starship Captain Erik... read more »

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