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  1. Collage of Seoul

    Jae Newman

    Cascade / JAN 2015

    Collage of Seoul is a book of poetry tracing the spiritual journey of a man who, unnamed at birth, looks to both Eastern and Western cultures to form an identity through a love story that... read more »
  2. Coming Back Home

    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

    Resource / MAR 2018

    If you have never been inside of a prison, there are things you will not know about the community there. You may guess at them, but that is not the same. What it feels like. What it sounds like.... read more »
  3. Comparisons

    Cozette R. Garrett

    Resource / MAR 2019

    For the last three decades, I have listened intentionally and attentively while people have trusted me by telling me their personal, private stories. As they talked, I observed patterns and... read more »
  4. Conspiracy of Light

    D. S. Martin

    Cascade / OCT 2013

    There was a time in my youth when I would buy and read any and every book I discovered by C.S. Lewis. What I had found was that he wrote in a way that engaged my mind like no other writer. He was... read more »
  5. Cries of Earth and Altar

    Charles L. Bartow

    Cascade / NOV 2014

    The poems of Cries of Earth and Altar speak of human laughter, mystery, work, play, sorrow--and even rage--as an oblation set upon heaven's high altar, which, as Calvin noted, is Christ... read more »
  6. Darkness Holding Light

    David H. Rosen, MD, Carol Goodman

    Resource / MAR 2016

    Eugene Friends of Jung is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the evolution of consciousness, to the pursuit of meaning in life through psychological insight and creative expression,... read more »
  7. Days and Times

    Paul K. Hooker

    Resource / MAY 2018

    These poems seek to be playful with faith. Their aim is to expose the underlying sacredness of events that form the liturgy of living and to do so with sensitivity toward mystery, wonder, and... read more »
  8. Duende

    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

    Resource / NOV 2013

    "Duende is that place in us where the two halves of our life are conjoined. It is the place where we go down into the self and gather up that opposing force to our immediate nature. It involves the... read more »
  9. Dust and Prayers

    Charles L. Bartow

    Cascade / JAN 2009

    Dust and Prayers offers an evocation of love, human and divine, and of the struggles of believers and unbelievers. It depicts something of the human condition apart from God and, through praise and... read more »
  10. Epitaphs for the Journey

    Paul Mariani

    Cascade / MAY 2012

    In Epitaphs for the Journey: New, Selected and Revised Poems, Paul Mariani revisits forty years of writing poems, including revising many of his earlier lyrics, to shape his latest volume... read more »

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