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  1. Evensong for Shadows

    Shanna Powlus Wheeler

    Resource / NOV 2018

    In Evensong for Shadows, deferred hope becomes fulfilled hope. Like the Psalmist, the poet’s expressions of praise alternate with those of suffering. This book sways... read more »
  2. Every Tongue Confess

    David Craig

    Resource / NOV 2018

    These poems owe their origin to Robert Bly’s stunning ghazals in Stealing Sugar from the Castle. (Why Minnesota has not erected a fifty-foot statue in honor of him is beyond me.) But... read more »
  3. Everyday Thoughts

    Phillip Michael Garner

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2017

    Everyday Thoughts is a devotional for thinking Christians, for those who seek to hear and know God in the present through contemplation on scripture and reality. Each essay is preceded by a... read more »
  4. Falter

    Marjorie Stelmach

    Cascade / FEB 2017

    The poems in Marjorie Stelmach's Falter attempt to comprehend what Soren Kierkegaard in Fear and Trembling deems our "highest passion": faith--a task that he claims has remained the same for each... read more »
  5. Fragments of Life

    Al Staggs

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2019

  6. Frederick McSnoogle and the Monster Named Dread

    Annette Proctor

    Resource / APR 2019

    Frederick McSnoogle is haunted by a strange monster that lives in his pocket, plays in his mind, and fills him with worry and dread. He tells his mother he can’t go to his first year in... read more »
  7. From the Belly of the Whale

    N. Thomas Johnson-Medland

    Resource / MAY 2011

    Men have been spit up onto shore by whales and great fish since the beginning of time. This has been going on for forever; perhaps, even longer than forever. This may be true.
    It may also be... read more »
  8. Fulfilling My Purpose for God

    Karen Brown

    Resource / FEB 2015

  9. Full Worm Moon

    Julie L. Moore

    Cascade / MAR 2018

    Like The Old Farmer’s Almanac chronicles the cycles of sun, moon, stars, and planets, Full Worm Moon explores the profound transitions from promise to loss, depicting one... read more »
  10. Gold

    Barbara Crooker

    Cascade / JUN 2013

    Barbara Crooker's new book Gold focuses on one of the most profound life-altering experiences possible: losing one's mother. This collection is an elegy, not just to the speaker's mother, but to a... read more »

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