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  1. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already

    Cordell Strug

    Resource / SEP 2019

    Back in the days of Ronald Reagan's America, those far-from-innocent days of nostalgic rot and willful illusion, small-town life was thought to be simple, pure, the source of all decent... read more »
  2. Incorporation

    Will Willimon

    Cascade / OCT 2012

    Hope Church--its clergy and its people--are quite a congregation, an unforgettable cast of saints and sinners. While serving a heavenly realm, they also have their feet plainly planted in the muck... read more »
  3. James Baldwin and the Short Story

    Benedict Ushedo

    Pickwick / MAR 2018

    This book examines the range of issues that echo in James Baldwin’s short stories. It articulates and defends the claim that the stories in the collection Going to Meet the Man are... read more »
  4. Jesus Loves Women

    Tricia Gates Brown

    No / MAY 2013

  5. Kid on the River, Revised Edition

    Dean Nichols

    Resource / SEP 2013

    Narrow escapes, hilarious predicaments, and grim disasters are all part of the rich and varied experiences of a young tugboat captain on the Columbia River during the era between the grand old... read more »
  6. Less is More

    David H. Rosen

    Resource / JUL 2016

    Less is More is a collection of eight ten-minute plays. These tiny dramas speak to the necessity to say what is essential in a small number of words. As Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the... read more »
  7. Life-Arc Teaching Tales

    John Zeugner

    Resource / APR 2015

    The stories, tales, and memories of Life-Arc Teaching Tales deal with the instructiveness of teaching, as well as the hammered, ironic learning of getting through any lifetime.
  8. Limba Stories and Story-Telling

    Ruth Finnegan

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2018

    The Limba are rice farmers living in the hills of northern Sierra Leone who have, until recently, been somewhat despised by their neighbours. Yet they possess a subtle and fascinating literature,... read more »
  9. Local News from Someplace Else

    Marjorie Maddox

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2013

    We don't define home the same way anymore. School shootings and natural disasters populate the headlines. Tragedy and disease infiltrate our neighborhoods. We not only must survive in an... read more »
  10. Lucy Scott's Grand Stand

    Alan Sorem

    Resource / JUL 2014

    Lucy Scott has faced many challenges in her life, but the one that surfaces on her eighty-fifth birthday may be the greatest of all. As she looks to her future as an independent, energetic woman,... read more »

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