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  1. A Faith to Live By

    / AUG 2013

    This book of interviews is a timely one. At a time when Christianity, and religions in general, are under sustained attack from 'new atheists' such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher... read more »
  2. A Sense of Being Called

    / JAN 2011

    Dick Armstrong was thoroughly committed to his promising future as a major league baseball front-office executive until something happened that completely changed his life and steered him in a... read more »
  3. A Voice for Justice

    / NOV 2013

    In the decade after 9/11, Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale did what preachers were doing all across America--he entered the pulpit and tried to claim Jesus Christ as the risen one who is ushering in a renewed... read more »
  4. Acceptable Costs

    / MAR 2005

  5. Against the Stream

    / AUG 2013

    A progressive Christianity is not new in Australia. In one form or another, it has been around for 170 years or so. What is new about its current expression - now called 'progressive' - is that... read more »
  6. An Informed Faith

    / MAY 2015

    From its beginning, despite its relatively small size, the Uniting Church has been convinced that it is a Church with a public role to play in Australia. This new book - from a variety of... read more »
  7. And Lead Us Not Into Dysfunction

    / DEC 2017

    Dysfunction. Anyone who has sojourned through congregations or denominations would agree that these are not immune to dysfunction. These holy organizations often eschew the standards upheld by... read more »
  8. As Though It Were Actually True

    / OCT 2009

    How true can Christianity really be? In a culture where religion and "real life" often occur in completely different times and places, the question troubles many Christians. How can we give the... read more »
  9. At Smith's House

    / JUL 2007

    Are meaning and purpose still possible in life?

    The age of philosophy and its pursuit of the good of happiness came to an end with nihilism. The philosophers equated the good with... read more »
  10. Balanced Living

    / JAN 2009

    In Balanced Living: Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness, Robert Knight develops the theme of balance as central to good mental health, to moral and spiritual health, to emotional... read more »

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