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  1. Trinitarian Spirituality

    Brian K. Kay

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2008

    This work examines the problem of how to connect the historic doctrine of the Trinity to Christian devotional practice. Two criteria for a successful Trinitarian spirituality are proposed: that of... read more »
  2. The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation

    Garnet Howard Milne

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2007

    In the opening chapter of the Confession, the divines of Westminster included a clause that implied that there would no longer be any special immediate revelation from God. Means by which God had... read more »
  3. The Supremacy of God in the Theology of Samuel Rutherford

    Guy M. Richard

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2009

    This book presents the first modern in-depth study of the theology of one of the most influential figures in post-Reformation Scotland, Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600-1661). Although much has been... read more »
  4. The Sunday School Movement

    Stephen Orchard, John H. Y. Briggs

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2007

    Today's Sunday schools are a pale shadow of what they were in the past. Churches have found other ways of serving children and young people and carrying out adult education. From a historical point... read more »
  5. The Puritan Millennium

    Crawford Gribben

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 2008

    Puritanism was an intensely eschatological movement. From the beginnings of the movement, Puritan writers developed eschatological interests in distinct contexts and often for conflicting purposes.... read more »
  6. The Priesthood of Some Believers

    Colin J. Bulley

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2007

    The author examines the Christian literature of the first three centuries for evidence of the development both of the special priesthood of the ordained and the general priesthood of all believers.... read more »
  7. The Presbyterian Creed

    S. Donald Fortson, III

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2009

    The American Presbyterian creed up until the second half of the twentieth century has been the confessional tradition of the Westminster Assembly (1643-48). Presbyterians in America adopted the... read more »
  8. The Immanent Person of the Holy Spirit from Anselm to Lombard

    Matthew Knell

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2009

    This study shows that there has not yet been any comprehensive study of the person of the Holy Spirit in the twelfth century, and that such a study has something to add to concepts of... read more »
  9. Reformation Pastors

    J. William Black

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2007

    This work examines Richard Baxter's understanding and practice of pastoral ministry from the perspective of his own stated concern for "reformation" and in the broader context of Edwardian,... read more »
  10. Puritan Spirituality

    J. Stephen Yuille

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2008

    Without minimizing the validity of the social, political, and ecclesiastical approaches to this field of study, Yuille affirms that the essence of Puritanism is found in its spirituality. He... read more »

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