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  1. Animal and Plant Baramins

    Todd Charles Wood

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2008

  2. Becoming a Christian

    Ola Hossjer

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2018

    What influences the decision to become a Christian? In the seventeenth century the famous scientist Blaise Pascal viewed this as a game, with truth our adversary. Pascal argued that we are in the... read more »
  3. Following the Truth, Wherever It Leads

    Kenneth G. Reddington

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2015

    This book encourages an openness to accept and experience the truth, whatever its source. As philosopher Francis Schaeffer famously asked, "How can we be sure that what we think we know of the... read more »
  4. God Is Here to Stay

    Thomas R. McFaul, Al Brunsting

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2014

    God Is Here to Stay offers new insights into one of humankind's most profound questions: Does God exist? During the past ten years, theists and new atheists have argued to prove or disprove... read more »
  5. Hellfire and Lightning Rods

    Frederick Ferre

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2018

    Renowned philosopher Frederick Ferré invites us to contemplate a new world to be constructed out of the debris of modernity. Hellfire and Lightning Rods displays a vision in which the... read more »
  6. Laying Down Arms to Heal the Creation-Evolution Divide

    Gary N. Fugle

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2015

    Battles over creation or evolution have been perpetuated for years by vocal Christians and scientists alike. But conflict has never been the only choice. Laying Down Arms to Heal the... read more »
  7. Science and Christianity

    Tim Reddish

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2016

    Too often conversations on Science and Christianity skate over much deeper assumptions--or perceptions--on the nature and interpretation of Scripture, and the nature of science and of God. Instead,... read more »
  8. Soul-Searching

    Luke Jeffrey Janssen

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2019

    There are well over one hundred different views of the nature of human existence; though the Bible may rule out many of these, there still remains a large number that are all compatible with... read more »
  9. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    Luke Jeffrey Janssen

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2016

    Church tradition has long held that humanity arose from two people living in a garden of paradise in the Mesopotamian basin roughly six thousand years ago. Scientists now have abundant evidence... read more »
  10. The Truth about Science and Religion

    Fraser Fleming

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2016

    Religion has influenced the development of science over the past two millennia. The Truth about Science and Religion tells the story of their interaction. The book examines the origin of the... read more »

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