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  1. River Crossings

    Hemchand Gossai

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2006

    From the moment he learns of his mother's death in Guyana, Hemchand Gossai begins the long journey home to his birthplace, thousands of miles to a now faraway land. Beyond the moment of sorrow and... read more »
  2. Reflections on My Life

    Thomas H. Olbricht

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2012

    Thomas H. Olbricht grew up in Churches of Christ, has taught in several of their universities, and has given religious lectures on six continents and in most states in the United States. He has met... read more »
  3. Pilgrimage of Awakening

    Mary V. T. Cattan

    Pickwick / JUN 2016

    Pilgrimage of Awakening is the first biography of the Rogers. Arriving in India after World War II afire with religious zeal, the Reverend Murray Rogers and his wife, Mary, are rocked by the... read more »
  4. Paul Frey: A Story Never Predicted

    Nancy Silcox

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2020

    A more unlikely world opera star than Paul Frey could not be found. Born into a conservative order Mennonite farming family in rural Ontario, Canada in 1941, he was a high school dropout. His first... read more »
  5. Lost in the Long White Cloud

    David H. Rosen

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2014

    Lost in the Long White Cloud is both creation story and vision quest of a healer.

    Prolific author, David H. Rosen, was the child of creative parents. Free to explore, the sometimes... read more »
  6. John Stott's Right Hand

    J. E. M. Cameron

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    The story John Stott hoped would one day be told.

    Frances Whitehead was working for the BBC when Stott asked her to become his secretary. For 55 years she was his right hand:... read more »
  7. From Physicist to Priest

    John Polkinghorne

    Cascade / SEP 2008

    'I am a scientist-theologian, someone who is both a physicist and a priest - a statement that sometimes arouses the kind of curiosity or suspicion that might follow the claim to be a vegetarian... read more »
  8. Ethics for Jessica

    Gayle Graham Yates

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2010

    Jessica's grandmother writes from her loft at her Wisconsin lakeside cottage of the intangibles she wants to give to Jessica and her generation. Writing in view of the red pines and birch trees,... read more »
  9. Earth Day

    John McConnell, John C. Munday

    Resource / JUL 2011

    After a half-century of activism, John McConnell, the true founder of Earth Day, here relates his global promotion of peace, justice, and Earth care. Following the Kennedy assassination,... read more »
  10. Building Bridges

    Kendra Weddle, Jann Aldredge-Clanton

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    Letha Dawson Scanzoni changed the landscape of American evangelicalism through her groundbreaking work on the gospel-based intersection of gender and LGBTQ justice. She coauthored two of the first... read more »

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