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  1. Bonhoeffer's Christocentric Theology and Fundamental Debates in Environmental Ethics

    Steven C. van den Heuvel

    Pickwick / MAY 2017

    There is widespread understanding of the close connection between religion and the ecological crisis, and that in order to amend this crisis, theological resources are needed. This monograph seeks... read more »
  2. Caesar Ate My Jesus

    Meg Gorzycki

    Resource / JUN 2017

    What the hell happened on the way to making the world a better place? We boomers were told our success would be unlimited. We had democracy and capitalism, and God was on our side. We took our... read more »
  3. Care for the Sorrowing Soul

    Duane Larson, Jeff Zust

    Cascade / OCT 2017

    Moral Injury is now recognized as a growing major problem for military men and women. Operant conditioning can overwhelm moral convictions and yet the question of whether “to shoot or not to... read more »
  4. Christian Economics

    Dale Anthony Pivarunas

    Resource / NOV 2018

    How is the Christian mandate to love your neighbor as yourself to be applied in business, economics, and politics? In what way does God want people to act within their jobs, their businesses, and... read more »
  5. Christian Morality

    Geoffrey W. Sutton, Brandon Schmidly

    Pickwick / AUG 2016

    Should society care about Christian morality? Are Christians out of touch with complex moral decision-making? Christian Morality: An Interdisciplinary Framework for Thinking about Contemporary... read more »
  6. Christian Responses to Terrorism

    Gordon L. Heath, David K. Tarus

    Pickwick / NOV 2017

    How should Christians respond to terrorism and terrorists in their midst? Terrorism is a global problem, and no society on earth faces it alone. The mainly Christian society of Kenya has suffered... read more »
  7. Church, Capitalism, and Democracy in Post-Ecological Societies

    Cheng-tian Kuo

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2018

    Most ecotheologies build their arguments on the Bible’s creation-story and resurrection-narrative in the hope to save the ecology through spiritual meditation, reforming capitalism, and/or... read more »
  8. Coming Home to Earth

    Mark S. Brocker

    Cascade / SEP 2016

    As a young Norwegian Lutheran teenager in rural Wisconsin, Brocker lay awake one night worrying whether he believed in Jesus enough to get to heaven. This getting-to-heaven anxiety reflected an... read more »
  9. Considering Compassion

    Frits de Lange, L. Juliana Claassens

    Pickwick / SEP 2018

    In light of the numerous challenges posed by globalization, living together as humanity on one planet needs to be reinvented in the twenty-first century. To create a new, peaceful, just, and... read more »
  10. Creation, Character, and Wisdom

    Dave Bland, Sean Patrick Webb

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2016

    While the traditional Christian engagement with environmental ethics too often begins and ends with Genesis, this project joins numerous recent efforts by biblical scholars to identify new... read more »

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