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  1. Understanding Children's Spirituality

    Kevin E. Lawson

    Cascade / MAR 2012

    How important is childhood in the spiritual formation of a person? How do children experience God in the context of their lives as they grow? What does God do in the lives of children to draw them... read more »
  2. Una base para la filosofia y la educacion / A Primer for Philosophy and Education

    Samuel D. Rocha

    Cascade / OCT 2019

    Este libro ofrece un currículum para una enseñanza introductoria a la filosofía de la educación. Situado en las humanidades, las reflexiones y ejercicios aquí... read more »
  3. True, False, None of the Above

    Marjorie Maddox

    Cascade / APR 2016

    True, False, None of the Above poetically explores what it means to write, read, and teach literature in a world that--at turns--rejects, embraces, or shrugs indifferently at the spiritual.... read more »
  4. The God Revolution

    Bruce Hamill

    Cascade / AUG 2018

    The God Revolution takes a fresh approach to the roots of Christianity. It asks the reader to explore and join a revolution in lifestyle and thought rooted both in a personal wager on God as... read more »
  5. Tell Them Something Beautiful

    Samuel D. Rocha

    Cascade / APR 2017

    A collection of essays composed during the Obama presidency on politics, theology, art, and education. Social and political critique, pastoral philosophy, postmodern theology, deschooling, and folk... read more »
  6. Teach from the Heart

    Jenell Paris

    Cascade / JUN 2016

    How can a teacher remain whole and happy, able to teach well for an entire semester, an entire year, and an entire career? Teach from the Heart is about finding, rediscovering, or holding on... read more »
  7. Prepare, Succeed, Advance, Second Edition

    Nijay K. Gupta

    Cascade / JUN 2019

    What if you had a guidebook that you could turn to at each stage of your academic journey to help you navigate through the process of getting a PhD in Biblical Studies and succeeding in the... read more »
  8. Growing in Wisdom

    Dale Goldsmith

    Cascade / DEC 2014

    The time in college is such a precious time of freedom and searching for students walking the maze of new ideas and new relationships. This book offers some guidance for those living that college... read more »
  9. From Generation to Generation

    Charles R. Foster

    Cascade / OCT 2012

    Mainline Protestant congregations face a profound adaptive challenge. In the midst of significant social, cultural, and technological change, the denominations they represent generally abandoned a... read more »
  10. Educational Ministry in the Logic of the Spirit

    James E. Loder, Jr., Dana R. Wright

    Cascade / JUL 2018

    In November 2001, James E. Loder Jr., Professor of the Philosophy of Christian Education for forty years at Princeton Theological Seminary, suddenly died. He was a creative and profound thinker who... read more »

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